The Illuminati Has Been Officially Confirmed In Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange Into The Multiverse Of Madness has been receiving all the glory in the past 3 weeks. Ever since the release of the teaser attached alongside Spiderman: No Way Home and Doctor Strange trailer, there’s more that meets the eye. Every new spot Marvel has released for the movie has been snippets of the movie. New promos have indicated more towards what we must anticipate towards its impending release. The movie is said to be also bringing to the MCU, a group of heroes who share and go by a common call: The Illuminati.

The Illuminati is touted to be a panel of judges who intervene at the galaxy’s crimes and happenings. The comics gave us a version of the Illuminati, with Doctor Strange as its leader. But, with the current storyline, its fair to say that the Illuminati that we may see will be different. The MCU’s Illuminati is said to be lead by Charles Xavier. The trailer for Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness gave us a glimpse of his head. While, on the other hand, a recent Screen X grab of the trailer, gave fans a hint to his iconic chair. Fair to say, we will be experiencing a fair share of time trying to understand the Illuminati.

Marvel Studios has put out its new TV spot announcing the release of the Movie. Set to be released in just ten days, the spot gives us completely new footage. The footage brings us closer to the darkness that Doctor Strange will face. The spot also flashes some advisory messages from Wong and a threat from Mordo, which is the highlight of the Spot. While all that seems serious, let’s break it down.

Strange Is Off Into Judgement

The new spot gives fans a sense of what’s to come. With the lack of a second trailer, Marvel has taken all its chances to just give us snippets. Instead of the loopy fragments from the movie, it keeps us refreshed and excited to see the movie. Thus, it turned out to be an excellent strategy from Disney to keep us hooked every now and then. Doctor Strange is seen jumping with Chavez into her star portal (which may take us into their multiverse travel sequence) and exploring the Multiverse. This may be post-Chavez being captured at the hands of Wanda at Kamar-Taj.

Strange escapes into a star postal of Chavez alongside her.
The 10 Days promo banner

Wanda is shown glowing with power surging across her palms. This scene may be where she calls out to the demons to capture Chavez.

Wanda at her peak form with her hand glowing red

The Classic Raimi Shot of the Scarlet Witch what we may get to see first hand in the movie.

Raimi Eye Zoom of the Scarlet Witch

Defender Strange and America Chavez are seen escaping through the Vishanti Temple. Surprisingly, MCU variant of Strange is also said to be visiting this same temple. Could it be the moment, where Chavez traverses to the MCU Strange to bring him to save the multiverse?

Defender Strange and America Chavez are running across the bridges in the multiverse.

Strange is levitating as the variant of Christine stands in front of him. This seems to be the place where Strange will encounter Sinister Strange, or this may be the Darkhold Temple that Wanda was using to find her children. The candles around definitely indicate the latter. Is Christine, too, traveling with Strange across the Multiverse?

Strange levitates himself in front of Christine

While Christine may or may not be a huge deal to the story, she is said to be key to how Strange chooses his fate. The first we see her in this form is as a keeper to Charles Xavier’s Lab at the Illuminati. Thus, with Strange now with her, he may be making up for here by explaining this travesty of incidents. She may possess powers too.

A Shocked Christine

The Ultron bots escort Strange into court, and we see Mordo as the announcer to Strange’s judgement panel.

The Ultron bots push Strange in front

Mordo announces:


Mordo announces Strange’s Judgment with the Illuminati

Thus, the fans get their official announcement at the involvement of the Illuminati in the MCU. This one phrase is key to thus proving the many such groups that will enter the MCU in the coming years.

The next shots show us a new shot of Zombie Strange and the MCU Strange being hit by purple powers.

Zombie Strange
Strange is deflecting a purple form of power

Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is said to hit theaters on May 6, 2022.