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The Last Of Us: Fans Praise Changes Made To The Infected From The Games

The Last of Us HBO series has made some significant changes to some aspects of the game. But fans are loving one specific change the most!

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 24,2023

HBO’s adaptation of “The Last of Us” is garnering excellent critical reviews and the views are also pouring in. Social media is buzzing with fans of The Last of Us game comparing the game with the show. Thankfully, a lot of them are happy with the changes made. One change that a lot of fans are happy about are the infected. Let us tell you what changes have been made to the clickers in the show and what fans of the game think about it.

The Infected In The Game Vs The Show

The Last of Us Tess and the infected

The Last of Us Tess and the infected

“The Last of Us” show has made some very interesting changes to the infected. In the game, there isn’t a fungal or mycelium network that alerts every infected in the area if an uninfected being steps on them. But that’s a positive change the show has done and it has given the show more stakes. Also, this is quite similar to how fungi function in actual life.

Along with this, as we saw in the last scene of episode 2, titled, “Infected,” the tendrils coming out of the mouths of the infected make them feel way more terrifying and unique than zombies. It also reinforces the fungal imagery and mycelium network that the show is going for in regards to the infected.

Moreover, even though the infected kissing Tess grossed out many viewers, but it make sense that the infected did it to speed up the infection and ensure that Tess was connected to the hive mind/ network that all the other infected are a part of.

What Do The Fans Think Of Such Changes?

The Last of Us clicker

The Last of Us clicker

Fans have been loving these changes and think that it positively adds to the franchise. One Redditor said, “The clickers look and sound absolutely spot on. Holy shit what an amazing sequence in the museum.”

Another Reddit commentator said, “The clickers were done so well. That was my biggest worry.”

A third one exclaimed, “Absolutely nailed the clickers. The suspense that whole time made me feel like it was my first play through x10. Also they’re hella tanky which makes me think a bloater will be even harder to kill in the show lmao.”

Bloaters haven’t yet appeared in the show, but in the game they are insanely hard to kill, even more so than clickers. One often has to lose a majority of their ammo trying to kill a bloater. Even then, the best option is often to escape rather than kill, that’s how difficult it is to end them. Since the show has smartly adapted the clickers, it will be interesting to see what they do with the bloaters.

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