The Last Of Us Showrunner Sparks Controversy With Mental Health Decision For Season 2

The Last Of Us Showrunner’s Decision To Avoid Writing During Filming For Season 2 Sparks Controversy.

By Amitabh Mukherji
July 5,2023
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The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin, following the success of the critically acclaimed first season, has made a decision for the mental well-being of Season 2. The HBO series is set to continue with its adaptation of the post-apocalyptic video game sequel, The Last of Us Part II. While the development of the sophomore season is underway, the ongoing writers’ strike has caused some delays. Mazin and co-showrunner Neil Druckmann have expressed their commitment to hitting the main source material points, but they are also taking this opportunity to reassess their creative process.

A Key Change In Production For The Last Of Us Season 2

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In a discussion on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Craig Mazin shared an important change he is making for the sake of his mental health while working on Season 2 of The Last of Us. Mazin revealed that he plans to avoid writing during the shooting process this time. During Season 1, he continued writing while they were filming, which proved to be mentally taxing. Mazin, who enjoys the act of writing, aims to complete as much of the script ahead of time as possible before the cameras start rolling. This way, he can focus more on the production itself.

Progress In Development And Pre-production

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Mazin provided insights into the current state of development for Season 2. He mentioned that he and Neil Druckmann have the next season planned out and are currently writing scripts. They are working on multiple aspects of the show in parallel. The immense scale of these productions requires them to handle various practical matters simultaneously. They have already begun the scouting process for locations and are starting to discuss the construction of certain sets. Casting is also underway.

Streamlining The Process For Better Mental Health

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Although it may seem like a small change, avoiding writing during production could have significant benefits for Craig Mazin and The Last of Us on HBO. As a showrunner, Mazin was stretched thin during the first season, writing scripts while filming was in progress. This divided his attention and prevented him from fully focusing on the production itself. By completing most of the writing beforehand, Mazin and Druckmann will be able to devote their attention more effectively to the filming process. This change is aimed at safeguarding Mazin’s mental health, especially considering the heavy material and themes of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II.

Utilizing The Extra Time Provided By The Writers’ Strike

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The ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has given Mazin extra time to prepare for Season 2. This allows him to set the groundwork and ensure that everything is in place for a smooth production when it begins. The Last of Us is known for its intense and emotionally charged storyline, so maintaining a healthy mental state while working in this world is crucial. With the additional time, Mazin can carefully plan and ensure that all the elements align when it’s time to start filming.


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Craig Mazin’s decision to avoid writing during production for The Last of Us Season 2 showcases his commitment to his mental well-being. By focusing on completing the script ahead of time, Mazin can fully dedicate himself to the production process. This change not only benefits Mazin but also contributes to a more streamlined and focused production. With the ongoing writers’ strike providing extra time, Mazin can set the stage for a successful second season of The Last of Us. The show’s fans eagerly await its release, rumored to be in early 2025.