The Mandalorian: Leak Makes Fans Theorize That Grogu Comes From A Planet Of Dark Side Users
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The Mandalorian: Leak Makes Fans Theorize That Grogu Comes From A Planet Of Dark Side Users

Grogu is cute and cuddly. But is he hiding a dark past? New The Mandalorian theory suggests that he is from a planet of Dark Side users.

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 23,2022

Grogu is the unofficial mascot of The Mandalorian show on Disney+. Almost every viewer- casual or hardcore agrees that he’s cute and one of the main reasons (apart from Din Djarin) why they tune in for every season of the show. However, a new theory has emerged that might make him not-so-innocent. In fact, it says that he might succumb to the Dark Side because he is from a planet full of Dark Yodas. Let us decode this theory.

Grogu Comes From A Planet Of Dark Yoda-Like Beings?



There’s speculation that Grogu (and by extension Yoda and Yaddle) come from a planet of powerful Dark Side users. This theory originated after there were leaks of The Mandalorian show about a planet that only had Dark Yoda’s. As for why the planet hasn’t been discovered till now, it maybe because Yoda and Yaddle have probably tried to keep the planet isolated to prevent these powerful Dark Side users from coming in contact with the rest of the galaxy.

But the other question remains- why is the planet of Dark Yoda-like beings not themselves going out to roam the galaxy? It might be because they simply don’t feel a need to go out and conquer anything. Or it might also be possible that the race as a whole have been cut off from the Force.

A concept like this isn’t impossible to imagine. After all, there are a similar group on the Zabraks, a colony on Dathomir, where the Nightbrothers and Nightsisters reside. They cannot be termed evil but they are certainly steeped in the darkness.

Now, Grogu doesn’t really seem to be a creature who exhibits Dark Side energy. However, one scene in The Mandalorian might have been a hint for his Dark Side inclinations. We saw him try to eat live and sentient babies. This action comes across as weird for a being who is force sensitive and gravitating towards the Light. So it might be an influence of the Dark Side.

Are Yoda, Yaddle, And Baby Yoda Outliers Then?

Master Yoda

Master Yoda

If this theory about the 3 belonging from a planet of Dark Sider users is true, then it means that Yoda and Yaddle are for sure the exceptions because they drifted towards the light. How and why they did so is an interesting question. As for whether Grogu will be another outlier or if he will succumb to the darkness remains to be seen.

While this is a neat theory, but we don’t know if this is true. Hopefully, season 3 of The Mandalorian that’s premiering on 1st March 2023 will give us some answers regarding it.

Stay tuned for more updates.