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The Mandalorian Proves Why Yoda’s Species Is So Rare In Star Wars Universe

By Meghna Dugar
June 16,2021

The Star Wars universe contains all types of species and aliens, and the unnamed Yoda species are the rare and mysterious ones. This light green, leather skinny species is shorter in height than an average human with an unknown homeworld and name and has a much larger lifespan than any other species.

They are famous and loved by the audience due to their appearance, large pointed ears, ridges on the forehead, and carnivorous teeth. George Lucas has kept their history, background, whereabouts and origin an enigma. 

Grogu, Yoda and Yaddle

Yoda, Grogu and Yaddle

The Yoda Species is carved brilliantly, veiled in mystery in the Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN, and two of the Yoda species Jedi Master Yoda and Baby Grogu, are the major part of the show. Other than these two major roles, a little appearance of the female character Yaddle has been depicted in Star Wars: The Phantom Menance. All the Yoda species has a longer lifespan, the baby Grogu is 50 years old in the show but still has the mannerism and looks of a toddler. 

master yoda

The Jedi Master Yoda died when he was 900 years old and had also seen the fall of the galactic empire, and has lived through the high republic era. This powerful and ancient species has always used its power skilfully and are force-sensitive, they are dispersed all along with the galaxy, veiling from the eyes of the outsiders. They live a private life and so they are the greatest mysteries of the Star Wars, even The Mandalorian has not provided an exact answer. 

It was seen in the first two seasons of The Mandalorian that the baby Yoda, Grogu was boundlessly hunted by the remnants and could have easily overtake any child species but grogu’s followers have depicted that it a very special species which needs to be preserved.

Moff Gideon specifically chose to hunt Grogu although there were other force-sensitive children present in the galaxy and the Baby Yoda still being a child manifested immense powers such as force healing and telekinesis, which was not seen in any other child species of the galaxy.

Even though Grougu had immense powers he was still unable to defend himself against experimentation and kidnapping, he was exploited for heinous reasons and this conveys that any child could be exploited nevertheless the era.

Due to the presence of dark forces in the galaxy, the child species had always been required to keep hidden and also because of their long infancy which makes them defenceless creating a constant need to be raised and protected by the adults.

Mandalorian And Baby Yoda

Mandalorian And Baby Yoda

It was seen in the season 2 finale, that baby Grogu had departed with Luke Skywalker, which disappointed the fans of the show but due to the immense popularity of the character, which can also be seen by the sales of the merchandise, it becomes compulsory that the character will return. A new member of the Yoda species could be expected in the coming season of the show, but the fans will have to wait until the official confirmation. 

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