The Mandalorian Season 3: A Dead Villain Could Rise Again And Cause Trouble

One of the most memorable facts about Darth Maul was that he was brought back from the dead to be given more depth in Clone Wars. Now it seems like The Mandalorian could do something similar as well. After all, now that Grogu is with Luke Skywalker so Din Djarin’s galaxy journey could in fact take a different turn. 

We must also say that since season 2 introduced new plotlines as well as a host of classic characters, so it seems like season 3 is ripe for exploring them. Before we move onto the character we are thinking about, it’s important that you know about Darth Maul and what happened to his character. 

Darth Maul: His Death And Return

It’s well known that Darth Maul died (or appeared to be dead) at the very end of Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Now, if you have seen Clone Wars or Rebels then you will know that Maul did survive with the help of cybernetic enhancements and the Force. 

After coming back he was hell-bent on revenge against Obi-Wan. It was this revenge that made Maul travel the galaxy, start an underworld syndicate, and then move to Tattoine where he was killed by Obi-Wan for good this time. 

Darth Maul

Now, many don’t know that Maul was the very first villain who was given this treatment, but he certainly wasn’t the last one. In fact, he actually opened the door that allowed villains to come back from their death. So when it comes to season 3 of The Mandalorian, we think there’s one villain who can make a return. 

Who Will Return As The Villain For Season 3 Of The Mandalorian?

For The Mandalorian season 3, it’s possible that Rebels character the Grand Inquisitor could be resurrected from the dead. Know that the Grand Inquisitor turned out to be an elite agent of Emperor Palpatine. His mission was to kill all the Jedi who unfortunately lived after Order 66. So overall, he was tasked with ending Jedi’s fully. Now, while the Inquisitor did die in Rebels, but there’s a possibility that he could come back thanks to a Star Wars comic written in 2020. 


In the 6th Star Wars issue by Marvel, it was revealed that the Grand Inquisitor was indeed alive since Darth Vader successfully saved his spirit. Then, in an attempt to atone for his sins on Rebels, Vader becomes the one to bind the Grand Inquisitor securely to a Jedi temple located on planet Tempes. This makes the Inquisitor the temple’s guard for perpetuity. 


In fact, Luke even fights with the Inquisitor when he goes to visit that temple. Now, this plotline could prove to be the base The Mandalorian draws from to bring back the Grand Inquisitor. 

Why Will The Grand Inquisitor Return?

There are a lot of ways the Grand Inquisitor’s return could be justified. One is that Vader’s death simply could have given him the freedom he was longing for on Tempes. As a result, he was once again free to roam across the galaxy. Although we are sure that the writers of The Mandalorian could come up with something that’s more compelling. 

Inquisitor And Ezra Bridger

However, no matter how he comes back, just like Maul, he too would be hell-bent on getting revenge against Ezra Bridger. After all the Inquisitor sees Bridger as the source of his torment and thus, revenge. Also it’s heavily hinted that Bridger could be making his way into live-action either through the Ashoka show or The Mandalorian. As for who will get casted- there’s no word on that, but Jason Isaacs, his voice actor is all ready to jump into the action. 

Jason Isaacs As Inquisitor

But the bigger question is- will the show actually make the Grand Inquisitor the big bad for season 3? Now that remains to be seen. Although we certainly hope that it is the case. 

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