The Mandalorian Season 4 Release: Fans Divided Over Potential Delays

Get The Latest Update On The Release Timeline For The Mandalorian Season 4.

By Amitabh Mukherji
June 8,2023

The highly anticipated release of Season 4 of The Mandalorian has been a topic of discussion among fans of the Star Wars series. With Season 3 concluding on an intriguing note, viewers are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Din Djarin’s journey with Baby Yoda.

Director’s Update On Season 4 Timeline

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In a recent conversation on the Crew Call with Anthony D’Alessandro podcast, Rick Famuyiwa, a producer and director of The Mandalorian, shed some light on the production timeline for the show’s fourth season. When asked about the possibility of a significant delay, Famuyiwa acknowledged the challenges involved in developing such a complex production:

“I mean, we’ll see. Again, we’ll see. I don’t have any insight on the schedule, but it’s such an undertaking to put these seasons together and I think, because of the way we shoot it, and how the StageCraft plays into it, a lot of stuff has to be thought through, built, conceived in prep, and you don’t necessarily have the luxury to start shooting, and say, ‘Okay, we’ll figure this out later.'”

He also confirmed that show creator Jon Favreau has already written the scripts for Season 4 and expressed their excitement to delve into the next season:

“So, that work takes time, that work has to get done, and obviously, all the series that have been happening, and just trying to figure out even just production space, and how everything slots in, there becomes sort of a jigsaw puzzle of how to figure it out, so… But I know, Jon [Favreau] has written the scripts, I know that he’s excited about continuing to tell stories in the world, so when and how that happens, obviously considering everything, we’ll see.”

Uncertainty Surrounding Season 4 Release Date

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While Season 3 provided a satisfying conclusion to a particular phase of The Mandalorian, Famuyiwa admitted that he doesn’t have a clear idea of when Season 4 will make its debut on Disney+:

“But yeah, I’ve felt like this season was a nice culmination, but I’m excited about Season 4, and it’s certainly coming. Just don’t know exactly when.”

Potential Delays And Strike Concerns

The Mandalorian Season 4

Fans might have to exercise patience when it comes to Season 4 of The Mandalorian. Unlike the relatively short gap between the first two seasons, the release of Season 3 and Season 4 might follow a different timeline. Initially, filming for Season 4 was slated to commence in September. However, the ongoing writers’ strike could potentially push the start date to early 2024, leading to a later release in 2025.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that the early completion of the scripts was a proactive measure taken to avoid any complications arising from the strike. As a result, fans can remain hopeful that the anticipated delays may not pose significant obstacles after all.