The Mandalorian: The Darksaber Comes To Disney's Star Wars Parks
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The Mandalorian: The Darksaber Comes To Disney’s Star Wars Parks

By Kunal Sharma
May 19,2021

Disneyland provides an amazing experience for everyone. But when it comes to Star Wars fans, there’s nothing in the world that can give them the experience they desire apart from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This division of Disneyland allows fans of the space opera to feel like they are living in the world of their favorite movies. 

Apart from the architecture which reminds people of the world they want to live in, there are other attractions there too like the Mos Eisley-like Cantina and Rise of the Resistance. Also, visitors can drink green or blue milk, buy Jedi robes, customizable lightsabers, and miniature porgs with their vacation credits. 

Apart from this, you can also buy legacy lightsabers. Know that there are replicas of Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu, as well as Leia and Rey’s sabers. But it looks like another saber is going to be added to this list. Want to know what it is? 

Mando, Darksaber and Bo-katana

The Darksaber Is Coming To Disneyland

As per Inside the Magic, fans will now be able to buy the renowned darksaber that was seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. It is available for purchase in Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge and Disneyland. Now if you want to purchase from the former place, then you need to go to Walt Disney World’s Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities store. 


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The darksaber is currently priced at around $200 USD with the exact price being $199.99 USD. The saber’s blade can be detached from its detailed hilt and the entire thing comes in its own collectable box, like the rest of the legacy sabers. 

For now, there’s no information on how long this darksaber will be available for purchase at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. So if you are interested in purchasing it, then you better hurry. 

The Darksaber And Its History Of Changing Hands

Fans first saw the darksaber in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is a black bladed saber that belongs to the first and only Mandalorian Jedi- Tarre Vizsla. It has a crackling blade and looks like a classic sword. 

The darksaber has belonged to a lot of people throughout its existence. It has been wielded by Darth Maul, Bo-Katan, and Sabrine Wren in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels respectively. Also, in The Mandalorian season one, it was Moff Gideon who gained full control over the saber. But by the end of season 2 we saw that it was Din Djarin who controlled the blade. 

Pre Vizsla With Darksaber

Pre Vizsla With Darksaber In Clone Wars

Also here’s something you might not have known before- above the store counter at Galaxy’s Edge where visitors can buy the legacy lightsabers, Mando’s rifle and helmet are also there for purchase. So is Disney telling us something about what’s to come? Or is it just promotion? We think it’s obviously the latter. But these hints might get unravelled in The Mandalorian season 3. However, for now, there’s a bounty on that saber so grab one if you can.