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The Mandalorian Universe Is Reportedly Just The First Star Wars Cinematic Universe

By Ishita Chatterjee
March 25,2021

Crafting a fully formed shared universe certainly isn’t easy. While Marvel has succeeded in this area but there have been countless other franchisees who have either failed or are just barely holding on to the strings. One such example of a successful franchise struggling to create a well-received shared universe is Star Wars. 

After all, Star Wars has been here since 1977, however, it’s only recently that they have started exploring the idea of a shared and the expanded universe in more detail. So if you are indeed liking the new developments then you have The Mandalorian to thank. 

The Mandalorian Connected Intimately With The Star Wars Movies While Keeping Things Fresh

The Mandalorian, in its first season, took place in quite a familiar universe. However, even then it introduced new characters and had a whole new narrative that even people new to Star Wars could watch. But the second season was quite a change since the show brought in fan favorites like Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano. 

Luke Skywalker CGI

Luke Skywalker CGI

But that’s not all. The show even referenced events from Rebels and The Clone Wars. Of course, who can forget the season finale which ended with Luke Skywalker showing up. He was the final connective tissue that linked the show with the 20-year gap that will be leading to The Force Awakens.

If you loved Force Awakens then know that there is still hope that the events of that movie can be explored more broadly.

How More Shared Universes Could Be Introduced? 

If you like this Mando-shared universe then know that there’s probably more coming. Insider and film scooper Daniel Richtman claims that the Mando-shared universe (which has other shows like Rangers of the New Republic, Ahsoka, as well as The Book of Boba Fett) is only the beginning of Star Wars shared universe. He says that there are more plans in the pipeline to construct similar cinematic universes. 

Ashoka Tano

Ashoka Tano

Obviously, no one has any idea how this is going to happen as a whole. But there have been signs that this was cooking in the Lucasfilm kitchens. After all, Lando, which is supposedly going to feature both Donald Glover and Billy Dee Williams will tie into the actually Original Trilogy as well as Anthology movies. 

Star Wars Andor

Star Wars Andor

Also, note that Andor is going to take place before The Rogue One. So for now it looks like these shows will be fitting into the broader narratives of Episodes I to IV. Now, let’s not forget Obi-Wan Kenobi and how it’s all set to take place right between that of Episode III and IV. So now it looks like all the three shows will be taking place together in the same universe as Disney+ The Mandalorian. The only difference is that they are all set to take place in different time-periods. 

For now, we don’t know when The Acolyte, as well as the other three films, will take place in. As such it’s possible that they will have their own little pocket universe. So for now it’s a game of waiting and watching to see what happens. 

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