The Mandalorian Universe Will Reportedly Look More Cinematic From Now On

It’s clear that right now Disney+ is the main priority for the house of mouse. After all they recently announced more exclusive streaming content coming to the service. Also, judging by the content already on the site and how The Mandalorian and Wandavision were huge hits for the service, it’s clear the MCU and Star Wars are the two franchises that Disney is leaning on to win the Streaming Wars. 

However just like Disney is giving the Marvel Disney+ shows a cinematic look (reports say that every episode of Wandavision took $25 million to make), the company isn’t sidelining Star Wars as well. In fact, they are pouring in all the money needed to make those shows have a cinematic movie-like look. 

Mandalorian Fan Art

This effort does show right from The Mandalorian itself. Reports say that every episode of The Mandalorian took $15 million to make. 

However, Disney feels like that isn’t enough especially with The Marvel shows getting a much budget. So that’s about to change. 

More Budget For Din Djarin And His Allies

Luke Skywalker CGI

Our sources say that season 3 of The Mandalorian as well as its spin-off shows like Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic, and Boba Fett will have an increased budget. This is being done to make them feel and look way more cinematic. 

If you feel skeptical of this decision, then know that these are the same sources who said that Ahsoka Tano will be cameoing in the second season way before it got officially confirmed or leaked by scoopers. 

How Much Budget Will The Mandalorian And Other Star Wars Shows Get?

Mandalorian Behind The Scenes

Realistically, it looks like from season 3 of The Mandalorian each episode of that and other spin off shows will have a budget of $20+ million. Now, this can raise some eyebrows but considering how popular The Mandalorian was as well as the hype for the other Disney+ Star Wars shows, this investment will keep fans interested in watching more and more. 

After all, we all know how much DC’s CW superhero shows get dunked on online for their bad CGI effects. So investing in good quality CGI and cinematic looks will make people stay interested and it will improve the subscriber base as well. 

Ashoka Tano

After all, in Streaming Wars the difference is decided by quality. So Disney is certainly making a smart decision by investing more in one of their most profitable brands- Star Wars. 

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