The Mandalorian’s Biggest Baby Yoda Mystery Is Solved In This Bad Batch Theory

Obviously, there’s still a lot we as viewers don’t know about Grogu or baby Yoda even though season 2 of The Mandalorian did give some important details about his origins. I mean, we did get to know what his real name was. But there’s still a whole lot that is still a mystery to us. 

Of course, one major question that the show has yet to answer is regarding Order 66 and who saved Grogu’s life from them? 

The Bad Batch And Baby Yoda

Who Saved Baby Yoda’s Life From Order 66?

A new fan theory has suggested that viewers could find the answer to the above question in a new Disney+ Star Wars show. Want to know what that is? We will give you a little hint- you have already met these rescuers in The Clone Wars. That definitely didn’t narrow it down for you, but it’s quite possible that The Bad Batch saved baby Yoda. 

Bad Batch

What Does The Theory Say?

A Star Wars fan on Reddit said that the Bad Batch (also known as Clone Force-99) helped save Grogu and also helped him make his way out of the famous Jedi Temple present on Coruscant well and alive. The Redditor further goes on to elaborate that the Clone inhibitor-chips could have malfunctioned fully during the Order 66. As a result of this malfunction, they were able to disobey Palpatine order and spare Grogu. 

Order 66

But that’s not all. The Redditor even speculates that the upcoming Bad Batch animated show of Disney+ takes place fully after The Clone Wars. Also, the theory posits that we could see the group rescuing Grogu in their series. 

Who Are The Bad Batch?

The Bad Batch is actually a fully trained commando squad that was formed when the Clone Wars were going on. This squad had genetic mutations which made them unique. Viewers were made familiar with this group during the first arc of the final season of The Clone Wars. 

Bad Batch In The Clone Wars Series

Now this group is all set to return in their own Disney+ show titled Star Wars: The Bad Batch. There’s not much that has been released about the show. But it is being said that it will be following the group that was there during the post-clone wars time. It is also said that they will be taking on daring mercenary-missions and trying to find a whole new purpose after the end of the war. 

A New Theory On The Bad Batch

It should also be considered that the Bad Batch could have reacted in a different way to the Order 66 compared to the other clones just because of who they are. If that was indeed the case then it’s certainly not impossible that even then they will be the ones who save Grogu right on the Coruscant. 

Bad Batch From The Clone War Series

Now, this would certainly save Grogu for sure, but it would also help the entire Bad Batch themselves feel like they are brand new additions straight to the Star Wars galaxy. As such they could, later on, show up in The Mandalorian season 3 as well.

Grogu Origin In The Bad Batch Show?

Bad Batch and Grogu

The Mandalorian season 2 ended with Din Djarin and his son Grogu parting ways. After all Baby Yoda was on his way to train with the fabled Luke Skywalker. This ending showed a possible direction change for season 3 of the show. In this upcoming season, the series could focus less on Din and Grogu’s relationship. However, if the trade-off is that viewers will know more about Grogu then that is a barter worth making. 

But it’s also quite possible that this Baby Yoda question won’t get answered in the show. Instead, this could get answered in another Star Wars project- The Bad Batch. So it’s possible that it will be the next place Grogu will go to on his galactic tour. 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Trailer Includes Fennec-Shand

Right now the only casting news coming out of the Bad Batch is that Fennec Shand (Ming Na Wen) will be showing up. Now, this is a character who is familiar to the Mandalorian fans. So if the Grogu theory turns out to be right then Fennec Shand will no longer remain the only connection to The Mandalorian. But just how much of this theory will turn out to be true? That’s left to be seen. 

Source: Reddit

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