The Mandoverse Is Expanding! Dave Filoni And Jon Favreau Attached To Another Star Wars Series
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The Mandoverse Is Expanding! Dave Filoni And Jon Favreau Attached To Another Star Wars Series

New leak reveals that a new Star Wars show is in development and it’s set in the Mandoverse! Read more inside

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 7,2023

Star Wars fans are excited for what’s coming in 2023. From “The Mandalorian” season 3 to “Ahsoka” and more, this year is jam packed with exciting projects. But there’s more coming as the Star Wars universe is always expanding. From Damon Lindelof’s untitled Star Wars project to Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron, a lot of projects are currently in development. Now, another has been added to the list and it seems to be set in the Mandoverse. Let us tell you more about it.

New Star Wars Project In Development 

Boba Fett and Din Djarin

Boba Fett and Din Djarin

As per Bespin Bulletin, the newest Production Weekly issue listed the working title and producers for a previously untitled project set in the Star Wars universe. As per the outlet:

“The untitled Star Wars project reportedly has the working title, Ghost Track 17, and sports both Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau as producers of the project.”

Before you get excited, the site warns that not everything reported by Production Weekly should be considered as fact since they do share just internet rumors sometimes. Bespin Bulletin also says that this working title could be a simple codename for a show we already know about. For example, “The Mandalorian” had the working title of Huckleberry for its first and second season, but it was changed to Foundry for its third season.

However, this report might be for a new Star Wars series indeed because reputed scooper Daniel RPK also shared it. He further said that it was going to be set in the universe of “The Mandalorian”. Since Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are attached to the project so that might be true.

What Does The Working Title Mean?

Abbey Road by The Beatles

Abbey Road by The Beatles

The working title of Ghost Track 17 is interesting and it could give us a hint about the kind of show it’s going to be. After all, “Ahsoka” had the working title of Stormcrow, which is a Gandalf reference and fans will remember that it is a character that Ahsoka has been compared to previously. So what could Ghost Track 17 mean?

As per Bespin Bulletin it could mean a reference to royalty and to a song by The Beatles. The outlet says:

“Typically a ghost track refers to a song hidden on an album, meaning a song would’ve been left off of the records tracklist and was left as a surprise for the listener. One of the most notable instances of the ‘ghost track’, and perhaps the first instance of it, was with the iconic album, Abbey Road by The Beatles. Abbey Road publicly sported sixteen tracks, but there was a hidden seventeenth track, Her Majesty.”

The site wonders if the title of Ghost Track 17 is a reference to this song, album or maybe to the band, The Beatles.

What do you think? Let us know.

Stay tuned for more updates.