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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Dives Into Incursion Saga With Phase 5

By Ganesh K
June 22,2022

In a recent interview with Gamesradar, Kevin Feige teased the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects and plans.

“I think there have been many clues already, that are at least apparent to me, of where this whole saga is going”. – Kevin Feige

However, there will be big announcements coming soon for the Marvel projects at the D23 event on September 10.

Disney Exec Shares New Look Inside Marvel Boss Kevin Feige's Office

Because of this announcement directly from the Marvel Studios president, we can be sure that it’s hinting at the Incursion saga.

While phase 4 didn’t connect or hint where this saga is heading, we can get more details in the upcoming months.

Incursion / Multiverse Saga

The incursion plays a very important role in the secret wars storyline.

The incursion is the period in which the two piles of earth collide, and lasts exactly eight hours.

And so when the incursion occurs, it leads to the destruction of one universe or even both universe.

Hickman's Secret Wars

In the first place, the Beyonders constructed their experiment across every universe in the Marvel comics is Molecule man (Owen Reese).

The Molecule man has the same origin and powers (Ability to alter reality in an universal scale) in every single universe.

The Beyonders basically engineered the Molecule man with the intention of detonating all the Molecule man across the multiverse to blow up.

When Doctor Doom realized this he worked alongside the Molecule man and they went to an alternate reality and killed one of the Molecule man.

But when that happened it was detonating a bomb and the power of the Molecule man in that reality blew up the entire universe.

Because of that incident, the incursion started in the first place.

However, Marvel Studios has already introduced “Kang The Conqueror” who is a big villain in the next saga.

Hence, Marvel Studios is going to follow the secret war storyline as its next big saga as the “Infinity Saga”.

Avengers: Secret wars

There are some important characters to be introduced in phase 5, who plays a big role in the secret wars.

Secret Wars X-Men


The possible characters that are more likely to appear in the next secret war saga are:

  • The Beyonders
  • The Fantastic Four main villain “Dr. Doom”
  • Galactus the destroyer of worlds
  • The Thor Corps
  • Kang The Conqueror
  • Black Bolt (Ruler of Inhumans)
  • Doctor Strange
  • Magneto
  • X-Men
  • Captain Marvel
  • Hulk and She-Hulk
  • Mr. Fantastic and The Fantastic Four
  • Spider-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Namor
  • The Spectrum
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy

And so the next phase 5 projects are going to be very exciting and mind-blowing for the Marvel fans.

The official announcement of the phase 5 projects will take place in the D23 presentation of Marvel on September 10, 2022.


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