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The MCU Can Bring Back Real Hulk Again All Thanks To World War Hulk

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 1,2021

An Avengers: Infinity War Hulk movie would provide Marvel with an excellent opportunity to recast the original Hulk. Several MCU films have featured the Green Goliath over the years, but only one has featured the definitive version of the character from Marvel Comics. So far, Thor: Ragnarok is the only film to use the iconic comic book Hulk.

The Return of The Real Hulk

Even in the most recent Avengers film, Endgame, the Hulk’s persona played no part. Banner’s consciousness had taken over the Hulk’s body, and he was no longer actively participating in the battle. This was supposed to be a long-term – if not permanent – transformation, but Banner’s return to human form in Shang-Chi suggests otherwise.

According to recent reports, a World War Hulk movie has been rumored to be in the works at Marvel. According to reports, production on the first Hulk-focused MCU film since 2008 will begin as early as 2022, putting the film’s release date at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

Bruce Banner as Hulk

If it’s true, World War Hulk could herald the return of the classic Hulk in film form. The story actually fits that particular character’s personality quite well, so it’s perfect for the character. Thor: Ragnarok’s childlike hero is what the MCU needs to adapt “World War Hulk,” not the silent one who fought the Abomination or helped the Avengers defeat Loki and Ultron in the first place.

There’s a lot in World War Hulk about the Hulk declaring war on his allies because he feels betrayed. A comic-accurate Hulk would add a lot to a story like this, and that’s exactly what Thor: Ragnarok did with the Jade Giant.

How Will World War Hulk Change Things For Real Hulk?

However, unlike in Thor: Ragnarok, his other films have often obscured his personality and childish tendencies, but World War Hulk would have good reason to do the same. Even though Ragnarok’s Hulk was based on a fictional character, he had feelings and was occasionally hurt by Thor’s crude remarks.



Concerning the plot, it was clear that Hulk harbored resentment toward Banner, wanted friends and believed that people preferred Banner to him. All of these things played into his plans for World War Hulk, where he intends to wage war on humanity and the MCU heroes. Considering no one seemed to mind him being repressed by Banner for a long time, that makes sense.

Although Ragnarok featured many of the same emotions that would drive Hulk’s World War Hulk crusade, these feelings originated with his classic comic persona, not his new one. They’re an important part of his personality and explain why he feels betrayed and abandoned by the Avengers. Aside from that, the MCU may play up his reputation as “the strongest one there is.”

This is due to the overwhelming anger these feelings may cause. He may not be the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, but World War Hulk could change that.

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