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The MCU Could Bring One Among Many Hulk’s Children To Life

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 20,2021

Much of Marvel Comics superhero The Incredible Hulk’s rich backstory has been adapted for the MCU in recent years. The MCU portrayal of Hulk by Mark Ruffalo, on the other hand, conveniently ignores his war-bound son Skaar from the books. The young gamma warrior opens up a slew of new possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the other Hulk descendants don’t have.

When Greg Pak (World War Hulk, Agents of Atlas) and Carlo Pagulayan (Red She-Hulk, Elektra) first introduced Skaar in the pages of the fan-favorite Planet Hulk arc, it was a surprise that the dangerous alien Caiera had given birth to the Incredible Hulk’s kid. Hulk and Caiera became fast friends when they met in the violent gladiatorial fights of former Sakaar ruler Angmo Asan a.k.a. the Red King.

The Future of Hulk’s Children

Hulk And His Son

It started as a rivalry between the two combatants but turned into a love affair, resulting in Caiera being brutally murdered by the space shuttle carrying her boyfriend to her death. She had a son before she died, a man who would go on to become the Hulk’s greatest foe and a long-term menace. Skaar first placed the blame for Caiera’s death on his father, the Hulk, before traveling to Earth to settle the score, only to find that his father isn’t as evil as he thought. As a result, Taika Waititi, the director of 2017’s critically praised Thor: Ragnarok took inspiration from the Planet Hulk storyline for a subplot.

Hulk’s journey to outer space and role as Sakaar’s champion isn’t omitted, but his romance with Caiera is cut to create room for a friendly rivalry with fellow Avengers member Thor. Banner’s human awareness, on the other hand, is left dormant for two years as the Hulk takes control and becomes a hero on Sakaar. As long as the Avengers are still battling their own demons on Earth, it makes sense that the Hulk would transcend Bruce’s vision and begin a new existence. Assuming Marvel doesn’t dramatically age Skaar, any future Hulk children would be depicted as young children or teenagers. The chance to examine Hulk’s extended time on Sakaar will always exist, much like the prospect of examining the five years following Thanos’ snap.

Bruce Banner Reprises His Role As The Hulk


Ruffalo will play the Hulk alongside his fictional cousin and superhero attorney Jennifer Walters in a co-starring role, despite the convoluted film rights that seem to rule out a standalone Hulk franchise. There aren’t many clues on how Banner will fit into the show yet, but speculation has already begun to circulate since he was officially added to the cast. When it comes to representing Marvel characters in court, She-Hulk is known for taking on the most bizarre and outlandish cases.

Hulk Vs She-Hulk

Hulk Vs She-Hulk

When Hulk’s alien bride and his young son Skaar arrive on Earth to assist tie up loose ends, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Jennifer to come to her own cousin’s aid, not on the battlefield but in court. If Marvel Studios choose to continue the Incredible Hulk’s long-lost son storyline, even if Skaar did not appear in Ragnarok, the seeds have been sown for his eventual appearance in a future Marvel film.

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