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The MCU Illuminati May Have Been Inspired by Kang

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 3,2022

Even if Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness teasers have shown that Stephen Strange will be brought before the MCU Illuminati for endangering reality’s stability, he’s not the first. Considering they’ve been rumored to be a covert organization formed to guard the multiverse, it stands to reason that Kang the Conqueror has dealt with them before. Given what we know about the MCU villain so far, it’s possible that he was the driving force behind the Illuminati’s formation.

Loki and Sylvie first encountered He Who Remains, aka Nathaniel Richards, in the show’s finale. Richards unwittingly triggered the first Multiverse War when he and other versions of himself were pitted against each other in a battle for control and control of other realities. The actions of He Who Remains may have caught the considerable interest of other powerful beings throughout the multiverse, even though he has so far been able to keep his variants under control.

Even though the most recent trailer for Doctor Strange 2 depicts him being brought before the Illuminati, He Who Remains/Kang shows that he can’t have been the first. Because of their past experience with multiversal disruptions, the Illuminati are likely to tell Strange about how his actions will affect the multiverse as a whole despite the Master of the Mystic Arts’ best intentions. Similarly, Kang the Conqueror may have been the very reason for the Illuminati’s existence.

The Illuminati Will Arrest Doctor Strange

The Illuminati

The Illuminati

“Desecration of reality cannot go unpunished,” Karl Mordo tells Strange in the trailers for Doctor Strange 2. After that, we see the sorcerer being restrained and escorted by a drone squad that looks like it could be either Iron Man vs Ultron. In front of a tribunal of invisible beings, Professor X’s voice urges them to tell Strange the truth, which they do. These teasers appear to confirm that the Illuminati, a secret group of Marvel superheroes who direct the superhero community in secret, will be introduced in Doctor Strange 2.

As a result of Doctor Strange’s multiverse manipulations, which began in Spider-Man: Homecoming and likely continued in his efforts to safeguard his reality, the MCU’s version of the Illuminati appears to be focused on protecting the entire multiverse as a whole. The Illuminati may all have come from different worlds as a result of this. The Iron Legion/Ultron drones recommend the participation of the rumored Superior Iron Man, while Professor X and Mordo are the simplest to confirm. Rumors have also surfaced about Namor, the King of Atlantis, and Reed Richards’ Mr. Fantastic, both members of the Illuminati in the comics.

The Multiverse War Initiated By Loki’s Kang the Conqueror

Kang - Good or Evil?


Nathaniel Richards and his variant Kang the Conqueror’s actions disrupted the multiverse on a massive scale, even if MCU Illuminati appear to be working together. He Who Remains in Loki has revealed that he was one of the first to discover the existence of the multiverse and its variants. On the occasion of their encounter with the 31st-century counterpart of a scientist from their own era, they devised a way to bring together as many of their variants as possible in order to exchange ideas and technology. While some variants like Kang, rose up, believing that the multiverse was theirs to rule and conquer, there were others.

That culminated in the Multiversal War, which came to an end only when He Who Remains used Alioth’s power. To ensure that events proceeded according to his designs, He Who Remains established the Time Variance Authority, which was tasked with ensuring that none of his variants, like Kang, could ever be unleashed to cause more multiversal conflicts. Even though the multiverse was stabilized (until Sylvie killed He Who Remains and unleashed Kang), the Illuminati’s involvement in the Multiversal War seems warranted.

The MCU Illuminati May Have Been Inspired By Kang

Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror

Illuminati’s formation may have been spurred by Kang’s Multiversal War, which caused multiple realities to be disrupted by its conflict. There is a good chance that He Who Remains wasn’t the only one who had access to information about the multiverse at that time. Others with great powers besides He Who Remains and his incarnations may have known about it as well. People who had been affected by and wanted to prevent another Multiversal War should have formed an organization known as the Illuminati to combat these types of multiversal intrusions.

Based on what we know about the MCU multiverse thus far, it is reasonable to assume that Strange will not be the first multiversal threat to be detained by the Illuminati.” It’s a big place and the Illuminati’s base of operations suggests they have a protocol and process for when someone breaks their laws/rules in the multiverse after all Furthermore, Kang the Conqueror is a multiversal manipulator and offender who clearly falls into this category. Could be an interesting piece of connective tissue to reveal Kang to be behind the Illuminati’s formation in the MCU, given his arrangement as the next big bad.

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