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The Ninth Jedi Episode Of Star Wars: Visions Sets Up A New Trilogy

By Ishita Chatterjee
October 4,2021

Star Wars: Episode X seems to have provided a ready-made template to Disney for future Star Wars movies. Right now, there are just zero reasons to believe that we will ever successfully get a direct movie sequel to the recently concluded Skywalker Saga.

This Saga of movies comprises of 9 sequentially numbered Star Wars films. But if a sequel was ever made, then the arguably best episode of Star Wars: Visions has laid out the template of what it needs to be.

In Episode X, we follow the adventures of Margave and Kara in their battle against the new Siths. This is clearly a great concept if Star Wars ever gets continued on the silver screen. Don’t believe us?
Well, we can convince you why “The Ninth Jedi” requires a sequel, and that should be a movie or a TV show.

Why Is The Ninth Jedi A True Homage And Continuation Of Star Wars?

Kara in The Ninth Jedi episode of Star Wars Visions

Kara in The Ninth Jedi episode of Star Wars Visions

“The Ninth Jedi” is absolutely delightful to watch. The mystery, action, the unlikable Kara, combined with the surprising twist regarding the Sith lightsabers, all came together to deliver a stunning episode.

The entire thing embodies the epic arc of Star Wars while still feeling fresh. It’s also great that the new Star Wars hero didn’t resist the call to action. Kara legitimately feels like the right character to lead the viewers into a new action-adventure.

Kara and Margave

Kara and Margave

Along with her, the mysterious Margave is a worthy Jedi master. But the best thing about this episode is the way it shows a future where the ways of the Sith and Jedi have changed.

Making Kara’s father the only one who is capable of making lightsabers, and then murdering him is a brilliant story move as well. The fact that the stories of Star Wars Visions are non-canon is regrettable, but it does allow the makers a lot of freedom to craft the stories they want.

This entire episode plot helps recapture the feeling of scarcity that was seen in the Original Trilogy. After all, seeing a lightsaber for the first time should feel special. In the canon Skywalker Saga, the prequels put an end to this.

But “The Ninth Jedi” has thankfully brought back this notion, and this, in turn, helps makes everything about the Sith and Jedi mysterious again.

The Trick Of Time Works In The Ninth Jedi

A still from The Ninth Jedi

A still from The Ninth Jedi

“The Ninth Jedi” is a very memorable story out of all the shorts because its world-building is well thought out, but at the same time, it also feels incomplete. This is because there are unanswered questions like- why did the Jedi vanish?

Also, does this story really take place in a post-Rise of Skywalker future? Do the Jedi think of this Vader association as a positive thing because he sort of brought balance to the Force?

Now, the idea that basic historical data gets easily lost is a very old trick used in Star Wars. After all, in A New Hope, we learn that the Jedi are an old and ancient religion. But they only got destroyed just 19 years ago.



Then in The Force Awakens, Finn and Rey think that Leia, Luke, and Han are all myths. This seems silly never we know that the Original Trilogy took place just 3 decades ago.

There are multiple reasons why this works. One theory is that it puts time between the movies. Now, this makes people think that the new heroes are leading a new generation on a new adventure. But whatever may be the real reason, suffice to say that this trick works successfully especially in Star Wars.

A Sequel Will Address The Past And Present Issues Of The Ninth Jedi

The Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker

The most exciting part about a hypothetical “The Ninth Jedi” sequel isn’t the fact that we will get to know what happens next, although that will clearly help. If Kara is the “ninth Jedi,” then does this refer to the Jedi Council?

During the days of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the Jedi Council had 12 Jedi on it. So what has changed since then? As such, we do want to know what happens next. But we also want to know what happened before.

The biggest question is what happened after the events of The Rise of Skywalker and before the events of ‘The Ninth Jedi” that changed the rules regarding Kyber crystals, the Jedi, and the Sith.

Unlike Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “The Ninth Jedi” is set in such a far future that we don’t know where we got here. It is because of these mysteries that the new Visions episode feels so new and fresh, but also familiar.

Out of all the episodes, this is the one that has the most potential to expand on. But will that happen? After all, these are all non-canon one-shot stories. Well, only time will tell.

You can check out Star Wars Visions on Disney+.

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