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The Possible Casting Choices For Marvel’s Fantastic Four Movie

By Ganesh K
June 19,2022

Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie already had its casting rumors from the San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

However, Kevin Feige has to look for a new director as Jon Watts left the Fantastic Four project recently. The best director choice who has experience working with a family of superheroes is Brad Bird.

Brad Bird can be the ideal Fantastic Four director because of his success with “The Incredibles” movie.

The Incredibles family has a lot of similarities to Marvel’s first family, so it is the best possible choice to have brad bird as the director.

The Possible Casting of “Fantastic Four”

Marvel Studios Will Announce Fantastic Four Cast By Early 2022

There is an official list of all the actors involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on IMDB and two new actors are added to the list and they are possibly in the Fantastic Four movie.

  • Elizabeth Lail who is possibly playing the role of “Invisible Women” in the movie.
  • Rudy Pankow who is possibly playing the role of “Human Torch” in the movie.

Although, there are some other reports that Dakota Fanning has joined the MCU for “The Invisible Women” in the Fantastic Four movie according to Giant Freakin Robot.

Chris Evans also expressed his wish recently in an interview with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz to return as Johnny Storm (Human Torch).

John Krasinski As Reed Richards

The Fantastic Four Already Exist In The MCU

The Fantastic Four Already Exist In The MCU

The main and best choice is John Krasinski as he already appeared as Reed Richards in the Multiverse of Madness movie.

As a result, the possibility of Emily Blunt appearing as “Invisible Women” is very low.

It’s been almost a few years since the announcement of the “Fantastic Four” movie but there are very less updates about the movie.

Marvel Studios may be preparing for a big announcement at the upcoming D23 Expo in September.


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