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The Rise Of Russian Troop Causalities Highlights The Fall In Morale

As many as 40,000 Russian soldiers are thought to have been killed, injured, or captured since Ukraine was taken over four weeks ago. Another one of Moscow’s Russian generals has died in the line of duty. A lot of people were killed in the attack, and NATO said that was having a big effect on the morale of Vladimir Putin’s troops. The number of Russians killed yesterday was between 7,000 and 15,,000. As many as 40,000 soldiers could be out of the fight, he said. Some military experts say that if Russia lost 30% of its troops, which would be about 60,000 men, its mission would not be able to go on. It has already called in reserves.

Putin loses his 15th top commander in Ukraine invasion as Russia suffers its worst deaths among top brass since Russians participated in World War Two.

There were more top commanders who were killed during Putin’s invasion. This is quickly becoming the biggest loss of top commanders since World War II. A high-ranking official named Colonel Alexei Sharov is the most recent person to be killed, according to Western officials. They say that six of the first 20 top generals have now been killed. However, they said that they would have been replaced. Angry: Putin’s anger would have grown as his forces stayed in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernihiv, but they made some progress in the south at a very high price. People in Ukraine are also looking for the only major city that has been taken by foreigners to get back.

Destroyed Russian tanks are seen on a main road after battles near Brovary, north of Kyiv.

It’s thought that Putin will focus on the east in the coming days, stopping moves on the other two fronts so that he can surround Ukraine’s top troops. This is what the West thinks. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the size of the sanctions from Western countries had shocked the Kremlin. This comes after Lavrov said that. ‘No one who was predicting what sanctions the West would put in place could have imagined that,’ he said to students at the university where he worked.