The Secrets Of Elizabeth Hurley’s Bikini Body Are Revealed!

Elizabeth Hurley, 56, looks and feels better than she has in years. The British actress and model, who has gained fame for her sultry bikini photos, has revealed her strategies to stay in shape in a recent interview.

“I haven’t eaten manufactured food in 100 years,” the actress told the Sunday Times of the United Kingdom. “I don’t indulge in sweets.” I don’t consume a lot of alcoholic beverages. I no longer smoke, yet I have intense remorse about having done so in the past. I’ve learned to eat lighter and not to eat as late as I used to.”

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She went on to say, “I believe one of the most transforming things I’ve done is to make 50 percent of what I consume veggie stuff.” “In addition to your slice of bread for breakfast, have an apple as well. “Vegetables may be used to counteract anything.”

The celebrity, on the other hand, has a weakness: peanut butter.

The jar was nearly empty before Hurley realized it. “I have one spoon, then another, and before you know it, I’ve drained the jar,” he acknowledged.

Hurley admitted that peanut butter is her one food weakness when it comes to dieting.

The odd bit of nicotine gum is also a favorite of Hurleys.

“I gave up smoking ten years ago,” she stated proudly. “However, I am unable to give up the Nicorette.”

She also stated that she is not a fan of excessive plastic surgery when getting her body back in shape.

According to Hurley, “one of the most revolutionary things she’ve done is to make 50 percent of what she consume veggie stuff,”.

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“No! According to her, “I don’t believe it helps you seem younger; instead, I believe it just makes you appear to have filler.” “It’s just not my cup of tea,” says the author.

Hurley also mentioned that your frame of mind is crucial.

“I am more immature at the time — my son is more mature than me.” “I used to be a responsible adult, but I’ve lost my way.”

MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 26: Elizabeth Hurley is seen on the front row of the Versace special event during the Milan Fashion Week – Spring / Summer 2022 on September 26, 2021, in Milan, Italy. (Photo by /Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images )

Elizabeth Hurley, who was recently seen at Milan Fashion Week, revealed that her key to remaining healthy is to avoid sugary treats.

Hurley recently photographed at Milan Fashion Week, revealed that giving up sweets is her key to remaining in shape.

In 2005, Hurley developed a swimsuit business called Elizabeth Hurley Beach, which is situated in London.

The reason I wanted to branch out into beachwear was not only because I’ve always been a sucker for holiday attire but also because it’s an area where women of all shapes and sizes can either look fantastic or completely screw up their appearance. The goal for me was to create vacation collections that would make women feel fabulous at any age,” she stated on the company’s website.

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Elizabeth Hurley has her own beachwear business, which she launched in 2015. Elizabeth Hurley is a model and actress. Hurley has her beachwear collection, which she launched in 2015. Hurley is also a model.

In May 2017, the actress revealed to Closer Weekly that being a mother motivated her to start the company. She had previously taken a vacation from the entertainment industry to devote her time to parenting, but she found herself yearning to try something new in her professional life.

“Taking care of my kid quickly became my number one priority, and it was a pleasure to have someone else on whom to concentrate,” Hurley told the magazine in an interview. “I was 36 years old and had been fretting about my well-being for a long time. It was during his first eight years of life that I quit working in movies and television. I don’t regret it for a second. “I always put him first in all I do.”


Elizabeth Hurley claims that quitting smoking has also helped her maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

Hurley claims that quitting smoking has also helped her maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

It allowed Hurley, when it came to starting her swimsuit brand, “to be more flexible with my schedule and work when Damian was at school,” she continued.

On the other hand, Hurley argued that she was excited to take on new tasks as her kid grew up.

“I’m in love with my life,” she exclaimed. “I enjoy change and new experiences,” says the author.