The Seventh Infinity Stone, Which You Had No Idea Existed!
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The Seventh Infinity Stone, Which You Had No Idea Existed!

There actually exists seven, and not six, infinity stones or gems in the Marvel universe. What is the seventh one and will it ever appear in the MCU?

By Mohit Srivastava
March 8,2023

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s highly successful The Infinity Saga revolved around Thanos and his quest to obtain the ‘six’ Infinity Stones “to bring balance to the universe”. Fortunately, our heroes defeated his plans with albeit huge consequences. However, in the pages of comic books, there exists another infinity stone – the Seventh infinity stone. What is it? Let’s explore.

The Seventh Stone

Ego Gem in Marvel

First mentioned in Eliminator #3 (1995), the seventh infinity stone (or, infinity gem, as it is called in the comics) is called – Ego Stone. It is normally shown to be in white color. According to the comics, the infinity ‘gems’ were formed when a primordial entity (called Nemesis) committed suicide out of loneliness, and ‘its aspects’ got split into seven Infinity Gems that could grant portions of that power to whoever held them. However, one of these gems got lost in a different reality, Earth-93060, also known as the Ultraverse. This lost gem was the Ego Stone, and it contained the vestiges of Nemesis’s psyche. You can read more about other cosmic beings like Nemesis here.

When in contact with the stone, the possessor although able to retain much of their free will, was compelled to act in the Gem’s interests. When joined with the other Infinity Gems, it formed the core consciousness of a cosmic being formed from their union. In the comics, it was shown to take possession of several characters some noticeable once being – Mannequin (aka Antony Hernandez) and Sersi. The Ego Gem along with the other six infinity gems (Power, Reality, Soul, Mind, Time, and Space) could combine and reincarnate Nemesis. However, this particular stone was destroyed by the Black Knight and the Avengers, after which it splits its essence among the other stones.

MCU chances


Thanos in the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) works on slightly different rules and laws as opposed to that in the comics. In the earlier MCU movies, the Infinity Gems renamed Infinity Stones, play very important roles in the first three phases, referred to collectively as the “Infinity Saga”. Afterward, these Infinity Stones also make minor appearances in the Phase Four television series Loki, WandaVision, and What If…?. In the “Multiverse Saga”, it is revealed that the respective universe’s stones can’t be destroyed by anything from another universe.

The chances of Ego Stone making an appearance in the MCU are very slim. The Infinity Saga was heavily reliant on the “stone” storyline. The ongoing Multiverse Saga has already established that the infinity stones are “unique” to their own universes and using them again and again to justify every universe would be too repetitive. The first season of Loki also established that these powerful artifacts become powerless in para-dimensional locations like the quantum realm, limbo, and the TVA. They might play a minor role going forward, but surely not a major one. Plus, Marvel has already tweaked the origins and powers of these stones to a great degree, so introducing altogether a new stone could be too challenging to handle in the current storyline. Although, a dedicated What If…? episode on it is always welcome (wink).

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