The Witcher: Blood Origins Prequel Series No Longer Stars Jodie Turner-smith

As the hit Netflix series, The Witcher first premiered in 2019, the makers of the monster-slaying titular character started planning multiple spin-offs. With the vacuum created post-season one and the long wait of the release of season 2, fans of the epic franchise are waiting for anything to feed their fantastical junkie minds.

There was the roar of celebration back in January when Netflix announced that Jodie Turner-Smith (The Last Ship) would helm the Witcher: Blood Origin’s prequel series. Much to everyone’s horror, NetFlix’s statement broke the hearts of fans worldwide that states she would no longer play the lead role of Éile.

The statement said:

“Due to a change in the production schedule for The Witcher: Blood Origin limited series, unfortunately, Jodie Turner-Smith will no longer be able to continue in the role of Éile.”

Jodie Turner-smith

The problem started when the scheduled filming got pushed back due to production delays. As Jodie Turner-Smith is an ever-growing star, her dates are clashing with the schedule of The Witcher: Blood origin prequel series. Though there is no official word of the specific project clashing with this hit saga, many speculate it to be the action-thriller Borderland which stars John Boyega and Felicity Jones.

Nevertheless, Jodie Turner has an exciting pipeline of projects in the future. She will be cast opposite Michael B. Jordan in the forthcoming Amazon action drama Without Remorse and will also the role of royal wife Anne Boleyn in a UK miniseries. She will also venture into After Yang’s sci-fi genre, starring opposite umbrella academy’s fame Colin Ferrel and the actor Colin Ferrell.

Jodie Turner-smith

As Jodie Turner-Smith has continued to prove her versatility as an actress, fans are hugely disappointed not to see her as the golden-throated warrior Eile in The Witcher: blood origins. The story is set 1000 years back from Geralt of Rivia and shows the “conjunction of the spheres,” which resulted in the cohabitation of the species of men, witchers and, elves. Due to all species living together, the story also follows the tale of the first-ever monster hunter.

Blood Origin is expected to focus heavily on the elven civilization prior to the Conjunction of the Spheres. Artwork for GWENT

As the Witchers prequel is essentially looking for a replacement for Queen & Slim’s actress Jodie Turner-Smith, fans hope the task gets completed soon. With the release of season 2 of The Witcher yet to be announced and crazy rumors of Jason Momoa being cast in the prequel, The Witcher saga keeps fans on their toes.

Source: Deadline

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