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The Witcher Releases Early Concept Art of The Scary Wild Hunt Riders

By Soniya Hinduja
January 14,2022

The Witcher Season 2 revealed a whole new world filled with magic and monsters and men. Netflix’s latest debut opened audiences to chaos, devastation, and wicked politics. All while the live-action narrative drew deeper into Geralt and Ciri’s fate in the franchise. The new season highlights the true extent of Ciri’s powers and the history behind her lineage. Moreover, there are new kinds of monsters that are out to get Ciri. Obviously, fans binge watched The Witcher Season 2 as soon as it premiered on Netflix. As a result, the show has become the streaming network’s most viewed shows of all time. 

For a briefly exciting moment, The Witcher Season 2 finale teases a major upcoming villain for the franchise. And it is none other than the Wild Hunt. Towards the end of the last episode titled, “Family”, Geralt along with Yennefer and Ciri have a terrifying but momentary encounter with the Wild Hunt. Rising mysteriously from the dust, the skeletal riders approach Geralt and his company. Their short appearance provides enough intrigue for the audience to believe that their future presence in the franchise will be a threatening one. 

Ever since The Witcher fans finished watching the latest season, they have been excited for all the upcoming Witcher content. And we are in luck because Netflix recently dropped a series of high-resolution images of the concept art for the Wild Hunt. The riders of the infamous Wild Hunt are donning metal bones and spikes. Their costume screams intimidation. And each member of the Wild Hunt owns their identity with their own unusual costume design.


A Closer Look At The Witcher Wild Hunt’s New Concept Art

The Witcher production team wants to fairly portray the Wild Hunt’s frightening presence and role in the franchise. Which is why the creatives have given each member of the Wild Hunt a unique characteristic look. As revealed by showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, production designer Andrew Laws was responsible for supervising all of the show’s creature concept design. As well as these particular designs for the Wild Hunt.

The Witcher YouTube even shared a video in which Laws sketches out the drawings for the Wild Hunt. The designer makes sure that each member has a distinct personality. To do so, he gives each member a different silhouette and a different skeletal armor. While they are all linked to the Wild Hunt by the common aspect of chain-mail armor. Essentially, Eredin, the leader of the Wild Hunt, wears a beautiful crowned-helmet design. Which separates him from the others as King. 


Eredin – The Witcher Wild Hunt

“Child of Elder Blood, starry-eyed daughter of Chaos, join our hunt.” – Eredin (The Witcher S2 E8)


The Witcher Wild Hunt Member

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Every Member Of The Wild Hunt Gets Equal Importance

According to the source material, The Wild Hunt, or the “Wraiths of Mörhogg,” are a group of Aen Elle elves. The group has intentions of getting their hands on Ciri because of her powers. The Netflix adaptation of the story has just begun incorporating them into the narrative. However, being a mythical omen of war, they will definitely bring danger into the fate of our titular characters.

Furthermore, showrunner Hissrich has previously revealed the reason behind the characters owning an individual personality. It is because each member of the Wild Hunt will have a unique backstory. This information gives us enough grounds to believe that the upcoming Season 3 will explore the Wild Hunt. Especially every rider’s history and origin. 


Concept art of The Witcher Wild Hunt Members


Voleth Meir – The Witcher Wild Hunt

In the video games, Eredin is the only one among the Wild Hunt to receive all the limelight. Which is why the Netflix show’s decision to focus on each member is quite interesting. Not only this, the creators also gave Voleth Meir, the Deathless Mother, a special Wild Hunt design. Her skull helmet is strikingly scary for someone responsible for causing doom in humans.

With that said, The Witcher’s future concerning Season 3 is still kept under wraps. But one thing is certain. Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri have an insurmountable terror approaching them.


The Witcher Wild Hunt Members



The Witcher Wild Hunt Member