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The Witcher Season 2: All Ready To Explore Geralt’s Real Journey

By Kunal Sharma
May 19,2021

Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series was already a huge global hit in the form of video games. But the Netflix series catapulted it to even greater heights. The Witcher season one was a massive success for Netflix as audiences praised Cavill’s performance, production values, and action sequences. While there were some gripes with the world-building and pacing, but that was overshadowed by the positives. Obviously, audiences wanted more. 

Even before season one had premiered, Netflix had sensed that they have a hit on their hands and so they wasted no time in renewing it for another season. As such, with season 2, Geralt of Rivia’s story will be continuing. In fact, it can be said that season 2 is where his actual story starts. Why do we say so? Let us explain. 


The Witcher Season 1 Was A Prologue 

The Witcher has a rich world full of monsters, creatures, healers, mages, and more. As such, in eight episodes, it was never going to be able to fully develop that world. However, the show did do a good job of giving its audiences a taste of what was in store. 

After all, within a span of eight episodes only, Geralt fought different kinds of monsters and was even able to make allies. However, one can’t really consider that to be a starting point regarding his storyline. As a result, season one ends up feeling more like a prologue. 

But that wasn’t the only reason why the first season feels like a prologue. Season 1 wasn’t about Geralt’s story only. It introduced viewers to sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg and crown Princess Ciri. Of course there were other characters, but the show focused on them the most. 

Many viewers have said that one of the most confusing aspects of season one of the show was its strange narrative style. As in, the characters were introduced to viewers in various points in time and then their roads crossed almost at the very end of the first season. So there was more of a focus on introducing them and bringing them together rather than focusing on just Geralt’s adventures. 

Now, we do know that both Ciri and Yennefer play important roles in Geralt’s life and in the series. But even then, the season felt more like an introduction (for all characters) which screamed that the actual adventures hadn’t begun, but were about to begin. 

Moreover, each of the episodes was adapted from short stories from Sword of Destiny or The Last Wish. As such, there wasn’t too much there to build on for Geralt’s very first arc. However, it must be said that it did do the job of establishing why Ciri was going to play an important role in his life and the series. 

Even The Spin-offs Won’t Be Focused On Geralt

The Witcher was a huge hit for Netflix and it broke a lot of their viewership records. As a result, Netflix greenlighted an animated spin-off called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and a prequel series as well called The Witcher: Blood Origin

Blood Origin is expected to focus heavily on the elven civilization prior to the Conjunction of the Spheres. Artwork for GWENT

Blood Origin is expected to focus heavily on the elven civilization prior to the Conjunction of the Spheres. Artwork for GWENT

Now, none of these shows will be focused on Geralt. Instead, they will be telling the story of Vesemir, his mentor who was also the very first Witcher. As such, it’s up to season two now to continue or rather begin Geralt’s story. Also, fans who felt confused by the non-linear storytelling of season one will certainly enjoy the new season since it’s being reported that these new episodes will follow a linear narrative. 

How Season 2 Can Explore More Of Geralt? 

Season one ended with Geralt and Ciri finding themselves in the forest. So viewers were left on a cliffhanger wondering what was going to happen next. However, fans who have read the books or are at least following the casting of characters like Coën (Yasen Atour), Eskel (Thue Ersted Rasmussen), and Lambert (Paul Bullion) will know that season 2 will explore Ciri’s training at the Kaer Morhen. 

Witcher Season 2 Shooting Ends

Witcher Season 2 Shooting Ends

Kaer Morhen is an old castle where the School of the Wolf trained witchers like Geralt. Of course, the witchers who we mentioned above are going to play an important role in Ciri’s training. Book readers will know that it was Coën who taught her sword combat, Eskel looked after her after she began having trances as a result of sipping the White Gull, and Lambert trained her to fence like a pro. 

So we can expect that Geralt story will be beginning beside Ciri since he is bound to her through the Law of Surprise. Also, we know that Ciri is still being targeted by Cahir and the Nilfgaardian army who were fooled by her (as a doppler imitated her so that she could flee). 

As such, it’s a certainty that Geralt will be taking her to someplace safe and someplace where she will be able to train in peace as well. So it is definitely going to explore Geralt’s roots too since his mentor Vesemir will be introduced in here. We also think that this place will establish what Geralt’s arc is going to be in the coming seasons. 

As such, right now it seems like Kaer Morhen will be the place where we will get to explore not just Geralt but Ciri as well, and that can be a good thing. 

What Games And Books Could Season 2 Of The Witcher Adapt

Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series is divided into 5 books- Time of Contempt, Blood of Elves, The Tower of the Swallow, The Lady of the Lake, and Baptism of Fire. Along with this, there’s also the standalone novel called Seasons of Storms. 


Know that the new witchers, with the exception of Vesemir, were either introduced in the Blood of Elves or played a bigger role in it. For example, Eskel first appeared in The Last Wish but he met Ciri in Blood of Elves. So it makes sense that this book is going to be used for season 2. 

Now for the uninitiated, Blood of Elves follows Ciri and Geralt’s time in the Kaer Morhen. It deals with the complications in Ciri’s powers, Geralt facing a new enemy who is after Ciri, Jaskier’s kidnapping, and more. So as you can see. It would all start off Geralt’s (and Ciri’s) story and have a focus on his actions. 

Now, let us talk about the games. First of all, we don’t think that The Witcher team on Netflix will be taking any stories from there and then adding to the show. However, we do think that they will probably give references to them. 

Know that a while back in an interview with TV Guide, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said that they do love the games but they want to adapt right from the books itself so that there’s no adaptation of an adaptation. As such, they don’t want to take stories from the video games. Instead, they want to drop homages and references to them. 

So right now we think that these references could be about the new witchers and their journey in the games. After all, almost all of them (except Coën) has starred in them in some way, although it was mostly in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Also, the show isn’t new to homages and references. Season one had plenty of references to the games.


We must say that the showrunner is right in using the books as the source material and not the games. After all, it will lend more authenticity to the series and give them a lot of options to play with. Not to mention the fact that since they will probably be adapting from Blood of Elves, so this could mean that they will hint at upcoming arcs too. Fingers crossed! 

Frankly, season one of the show was a let down when it came to exploring more of this unique world. However, that can be a good thing as it will then allow them more space to explore more in the future seasons by adding new creatures, monsters, as well as human characters. But more than just the world building, season one was built in a way that laid down the groundworks for Geralt’s story. So now it’s up to season 2 to actually follow through on that so that they can develop his story along with Ciri and Yennefer’s story better now. 

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