The Witcher Season 2 Brings Out New Powerful Vampire Monsters

The Witcher captured the attention of the audience with its great writing, cinematography, and innovative rendition of the monstrous world Geralt lives in. So if

By Akshay Sharma
February 20,2021
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The Witcher captured the attention of the audience with its great writing, cinematography, and innovative rendition of the monstrous world Geralt lives in. So if you loved the monsters of the first season, then you are going to love the second one even more. After all, the news-mill is saying that new monsters are going to be introduced and they will be giving Geralt a tough challenge.

However, there’s one creature who can kill Geralt easily. So, the good (or bad) news is that the monster is coming to season 2.

Kaer Morhen And Nivellan Are The Connecting Dots To The New Monster

Fans are already hyped for The Witcher season 2 with the news of new monsters coming to the show. But hearing about this specific one will drive your excitement through the roof. But before getting to the monster itself, you will need some background information.

In the mythology of The Witcher, it’s been said that multiple monsters have been born out of the darkness and they have been residing with the humans once the Conjunction of Spheres event was over.

So it seems like out of those monsters, Nivellan could be introduced in the very first episode of season 2 itself. In fact, it’s being speculated that the first season 2 episode will include the Grain of Truth story. However, if you are hoping to know about the Conjunction of Spheres, then you will have to wait for the prequel show to get rolling. But, we will learn more about the Kaer Morhen for sure. After all, witchers are created there.

We mentioned Nivellan in the section above. He is a character who got cursed by one princess and as a result, became a monster. So Nivellan is the monster Geralt meets during his search for the beast that murdered a merchant as well as his female friend.

In the widely circulated screenshot from the second scene of The Witcher season 2, it looks like they are going to re-enact the Grain of Truth storyline. So there’s a chance that Nivellan can show up there. But the monster we are talking about here isn’t Nivellan even. It is Bruxae.

The New Powerful Monster- Bruxae

Bruxae is a powerful monster in the lore-filled Witcher universe. You can consider Bruxae to be like a vampire if you are opting for real-world comparison. These monsters are agile shape-shifters. They have the natural form of a huge black bat complete with fangs and claws. But they generally take on the appearance of a dark-haired young woman to prevent detection. The biggest reason why Geralt fails to kill them is because they can shape shift really quickly.

If you go looking for the history of the Bruxae in the Witcher books, then you won’t find much there. However, it’s said that these monsters have been inspired by local Portuguese folklore. Bruxae is considered to be part of the upper grade of monsters like the katakans, alps, nosferats, mulas, and higher grade of vampires.

Bruxae is believed to have been witches in their previous mortal life. So they are mostly female and attain their powers at midnight. These powers last only till 2 am. Perhaps the biggest difference between vampires and bruxae is that the latter can roam freely in sunlight. But even then these creatures reside in ancient ruins and dark crypts.

They can also be found in the dark and dreary woods since they do love to live far away from any human population. One of the major distinguishing traits of bruxae is their screams. In fact, their screams are so powerful that they can throw powerful monster hunters up in the air.

Geralt Did Somehow Gain The Upper Hand

In the short story called Grain of Truth, Geralt confronted Vereena, a bruxae who was in love with Nivellen. But he wasn’t able to gain a thumping victory in the fight. In fact, Geralt only barely managed to somehow kill Vereena with Nivellen’s help. Know that he managed to kill the bruxae with a shining silver sword. After all, that’s the only thing that can bring bruxae to their human form.

But will he survive an encounter with the Bruxae in the show? Guess we will have to wait for season 2 of The Witcher.

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