The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Reveals The Wild Hunt
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The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Reveals The Wild Hunt

By Kunal Sharma
March 29,2021

The Witcher Season 2 had to face a lot of production setbacks as a result of the pandemic as well as star Henry Cavill getting injured. But barring those issues, we had some hints about what this new season was going to bring. 

Now it looks like we have a new hint and if this one comes true then it will confirm that The Wild Hunt will indeed happen. 

The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Reveals The Wild Hunt

The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Reveals The Wild Hunt

How Do We Know That The Wild Hunt Will Happen?

We don’t know that the show will for sure do The Wild Hunt storyline. All we are doing is assuming so after seeing some very interesting set photos. Know that the show is currently filming on Saunton Beach in Devon, UK and from the set photos it looks like a lot of villains will be making their presence known in the show. 

In fact, Redanian Intelligence seems to be all but confirmed for the show since the set photos show people wearing their eccentric weaponry and all-black armor. But that’s not all. There are the skeleton horse cuirasses that are commonly associated with them as well. 

Wild Hunt

So it looks like the hunt is indeed on. 

Will The Wild Hunt Be A Huge Plot Point In Season 2?

Don’t expect the Wild Hunt to be a major sequence in season 2 since the crew involved in filming this was a relatively smaller one. However this could end up being a hook for the next season, that is season 3. Now that will really be an amazing and a great cliffhanger to end the season on. 

But for now, let us know about season 2 through the official synopsis: 

“Convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia brings Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen. While the Continent’s kings, elves, humans and demons strive for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect the girl from something far more dangerous: the mysterious power she possesses inside.”

The Witcher season one is available for streaming on Netflix and season two will be available on the same streaming platform when it arrives.