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The Witcher Season 2 Vesemir Iteration Compared To The Games

By Soniya Hinduja
October 9,2021

The Witcher season 2 portrays Vesemir as Geralt’s mentor and the character’s appearance in the video games when compared to the show, resembles quite a bit. One of Netflix’s most popular shows, The Witcher is coming out with a new and exciting season on December 17.

After season 1 ended with an epic cliffhanger, fans have been waiting eagerly for the story to continue. To lay the ground for popularity, Netflix has been holding various promotional activities for the show. The story that follows the season finale shows Geralt of Rivia training Ciri at Kaer Morhen, which is believed to be a safe haven for witchers around the world. Accompanying the lead characters in The Witcher season 2 will be Vesemir, played by Kim Bodnia, who was previously seen in Killing Eve. Vesemir is known to be the most ancient and most experienced of all witchers there are on the Continent.    

Vesemir has been a fundamental part of Geralt’s life since the very beginning. Believed to be the witcher’s father figure and mentor, Vesemir is apparently the oldest witcher alive on the Continent. He was also the only one spared after an assault broke out at Kaer Morhen which killed all the witchers taking shelter in the keep at the time.

His long years have made him see things no witcher has – pain and grief has always been a part of his world. He thus possesses a plethora of knowledge, which he generously bequeaths to the young witchers that he teaches magic to. The Witcher season 2 trailer teases Vesemir for the first time on screen. He is seen alongside Geralt when he takes up the task of training Ciri. This is something the old witcher also does in The Witcher video games. However, Vesemir is seen confessing his lack of knowledge when it comes to the dangers looming upon princess Ciri. 

The Similarity In Vesemir’s Physical Appearance In Both Mediums

Vesemir in series and games

When it comes to physical appearance, the Vesemir portrayed in the show resembles closely with the one in the video games. The live-action version of the witcher retains the neatly slicked back, shoulder-length white hair. Both the versions of the character wear a moustache long enough to run past their lips, making them look as intense as ever.

However, the character iteration of Vesemir in The Witcher season 2 differs vastly in his costume design. In the few pictures that have been shared so far, Kim Bodnia appears to be donning a long leather and vest-like overcoat with wrist and shoulder padding that has a square pattern. While the overall design with the square patterns looks like it was inspired by Vesemir as he appears in The Witcher games, when looked closely, it is much thicker and is fashioned to work as armor. The live-action Vesemir also wears a gold wolf medallion that is seen nowhere in the games. Both versions are also seen sporting a similar kind of sword. 

Vesemir’s Role In The Video Games vs. The Series

Geralt and Vesemir

Geralt and Vesemir

In The Witcher video games, Vesemir’s character helps Geralt in locating Yennefer of Vengerberg who suddenly disappeared, and also in training princess Ciri to control her new found powers. This part stays the same in the shows as well, especially when it comes to training Ciri to the ways of living like witchers.

There is still little clarity given to the audiences with The Witcher trailers, but it can be assumed that Vesemir will be seen aiding Geralt after he brings Ciri to Kaer Morhen. The series version of Vesemir holds a certain experience and wears his long years with him, which matches the one in the games. The old witcher has seen people loathing his kind, has won and lost a number of battles, and his myriad of knowledge is apparent in the way he communicates with Geralt, in a serene but perceptive manner, which is the same in both mediums.    

Vesemir And Geralt

Vesemir And Geralt

Vesemir is seen helping Geralt look for Yennefer in the video games. And also defending the ancient keep of Kaer Morhen from the Wild Hunt, who are looking for princess Ciri, hungry for her magical blood. It is very likely the character will be seen taking up similar tasks in the show as well, as he will first be introduced in Kaer Morhen after Geralt arrives there with Ciri as season 2 advances.

The video games have fleshed out the dystopian world of The Witcher in an outstanding manner, making the characters appear fantastically grand. And Vesemir is a very important part of the games, so his appearance in the series will be equally significant, and we will probably learn more about him as the story progresses.