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The Witcher Showrunner Explains How Season 2 Ties Into The ‘Nightmare of the Wolf’

By Kunal Sharma
September 3,2021

The Witcher Twitter account recently dropped an “ending explained” clip with showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. In the video, the executive producer can be seen going into detail regarding The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf animated movie.

She explains how it all ties into the live-action Netflix series, especially with the upcoming season 2 of the show. In the video, Hissrich explains why they opted for the animated medium rather than live-action for this prequel project.

Along with this, she dropped some very interesting tidbits about what fans can expect in the near future from its live-action counterpart. So let us find out what she was talking about in the video:

Nightmare of the Wolf And Witcher

Hissrich Talks About Bringing The Fall Of Kaer Morhen To Life

Witcher And Ciri In Season 2

Witcher And Ciri In Season 2

She begins by discussing Kaer Moehen’s fall that happens at the end of the animated film. Hissrich talked about why animation was the perfect medium to bring this scene from the books to the movies.

After all, they couldn’t have done this with “dozens of witchers…hundreds of monsters…and thousands of humans” in live-action. Also, there’s the issue of the live-action show’s resources and budget that wouldn’t have done justice to the scene.

Apart from this, Hissrich just wanted to offer entertaining and unique content that would draw in other fans. Thus, expanding The Witcher universe to corners that weren’t previously considered before.
You can check out the video below:

The Witcher Showrunner Explains The Connection With The Animated Movie

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf

In the video, the showrunner also talked about important story elements that are coming up in The Witcher season 2. Hissrich said that they will be interconnected with the anime movie. And we believe her.

After all, in Nightmare of the Wolf, there is a very strong theme of parental responsibility and fatherhood that was shown through Vesemir’s storyline and character. Geralt will find himself in a similar position with Ciri in season 2 of the Netflix show.

Kaer Morhen valley

Kaer Morhen valley

At one point, he will be taking her to Kaer Morhen for her training and safekeeping. Now, fans who haven’t seen The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf animated movie might find that scene confusing.

After all, the animated film explains why the fortress fell, and more importantly, why this event is important for Geralt. However, The Witcher Season 2 debuts on Netflix on December 17. So there will be time to check out the animated movie if you haven’t.

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