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The Witcher Uses Precise Tricks To Depict Yennefer’s Vulnerabilities

By Soniya Hinduja
January 24,2022

The Witcher Season 2 majorly revolves around Yennefer’s vulnerability after losing her magic. As well as how the loss affected her person. This is how Season 2 manages to explore storylines related to desperation and grief. After having lost her magical powers, Yennefer feels naked. And the camera captures the emotion impeccably well. 

Yennefer of Vengerberg acts as one of the main leads throughout The Witcher Season 1 and Season 2. In the first chapter, she begins her journey as an outcast farmhand. And eventually becomes a powerful sorceress walking the Continent  Towards the finale of The Witcher Season 1, we see Yennefer accessing the forbidden fire magic to claim victory against the Nilfgaardian forces. As her story continues in Season 2, we see her embracing the repercussions of her actions.

The fire magic has stolen her powerful link to Chaos. Chaos is the ultimate force that mages use to channel their energy. Now stolen, Yennefer no longer can perform magical spells with the tip of her fingers. This is when Voleth Meir, the Deathless Mother, senses her desperation to regain her connection to Chaos. Thus controlling and manipulating her to the demon’s advantage.

The Witcher Season 2’s Impeccable Cinematography 


Yennefer defending herself in The Witcher

Now devoid of her magical abilities, Yennefer feels naked and vulnerable. In Season 2, Yennefer returns to Aretuza, the place where she first realized her powers. It is there we see the series depicting her intense emotions with the help of flawless camera work.

A particularly overwhelming scene portrays this when Yennefer opens up to her mentor Tassaia about her feelings. The sorceress tries to convince Yennefer to tell the other mages about her new weakness. These words dig Yennefer’s wounds deep inside, and she understands how she first needs to believe the facts herself. The camera work used to convey her feelings here is immaculate. With precise angles and her stunning costume, The Witcher Season 2 manages to reveal Yennefer’s vulnerability at certain points in time.

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Yennefer’s Time At Aretuza In Season 2


Yennefer, distraught at Aretuza while speaking to Tissaia in The Witcher

It is not long before The Witcher Season 2 brings Yennefer to Aretuza. Before her arrival and confrontation at the mages’ keep, Yennefer refuses to accept the truth about her magic. Her strong emotions surrounding the feeling of barrenness are her primary source of motivation throughout the second season. In her time at Aretuza, she gradually overcomes her state of denial and accepts that she has lost a significant part, of herself. How she will move forward from here, and where this nakedness will lead her, is still uncertain. But at least at Aretuza, she feels like she’s home.

However, instead of making her feel safe, the magical academy comes with its own set of painful memories. Aretuza is the last place to be when she is feeling so vulnerable. Repeatedly, the show focuses on how the other mages treat her. At one point, her peers even disregard her desperation by using magic to heat a pool of water. Also, Stregobor makes a show out of using his magic for the most trivial things with grandiosity. Ultimately, everything about Aretuza reminds Yennefer about the magic now lost. 

Yennefer Dealing With Her Vulnerability 

Witcher, Ciri and Yennefer

Witcher, Ciri and Yennefer

Yennefer’s overall arc in The Witcher Season 2 follows the sorceress’ pain and desperation as she tries to come to terms with her bitter truth. The viewers can practically feel her loud emptiness. It is true that this nakedness drives her towards committing grave mistakes. But she can hardly be blamed. Because losing something that defines you justifies the consequences that come with it. Considering her situation, who wouldn’t seek the first plausible solution to ease some of that pain?