The Witcher’s Conjunction Of Spheres And Origin Of Elves Explained

The mystical world of The Witcher is occupied to the brim by men and magic and monsters. They all lurk around on a continent called

By Soniya Hinduja
December 20,2021
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The mystical world of The Witcher is occupied to the brim by men and magic and monsters. They all lurk around on a continent called The Continent, posing perils and forming politics within themselves. But this is nowhere close to how it all began. The event is recognized to be an old one. Devastation is commonly referred to as the Conjunction of the Spheres.

The event of Conjunction holds great importance in the show. And is referenced several times throughout the series, but mainly in the final episodes of Season 2. The consequences of the Conjunction are evident in all parts of the world. Because apparantly, everything is layered with a multiverse now. And as a matter of fact, the concept will lay out the premises for the show’s upcoming spin-off series, The Witcher: Blood Origin. However, the Netflix show barely touches the topic on its surface. This is why we are here to explain everything we know about the Conjunction of the Spheres for The Witcher Season 2.

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Geralt and Yennefer in Season 1 of Netflix’s The Witcher

What is the Conjunction of Spheres? 

The Conjunction of Spheres is a massively catastrophic event. The characters of the show The Witcher barely have an in-depth knowledge of the calamity. However, it is believed that the event occurred when all worlds, including other spheres of existence, collided with each other. And when it happened, monsters and other beings slipped into the world. The Conjunctiongave birth to magic, or “chaos”, as well. After which, humans attained the power to become mages. Without the Conjunction, the world of The Witcher would simply be a dull one. The way the story of The Witcher unfolds into the consequences left by interdimensional travel is genuinely mesmerizing. 

Once the monsters entered the world, the creation of the witchers became a requirement and almost inevitable, which makes the creatures the spark plugs of the story. Because without it, would we even have a team of formidable monster hunters? Every one of these unfamiliar creatures are trapped in a world very different from their own. In fact, some creatures, like the unicorns, can even travel from one dimension to another, at will. 

A human hand and a two-toed clawed foot reach toward each other in The Witcher
Photo: Katalin Vermes/Netflix

The ramifications of the Conjuntion

Almost everyone across the Continent indeed acknowledges the Conjunction’s existence, But all the events connected to it are still aspects of a great mystery. No one is aware of the origin of humans. Do they belong to a different world and end up on The Continent? Or were they brought into their very existence by the Conjunction of the Spheres?

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The last novel in The Witcher series, The Lady of the Lake, sheds some light on the topic. It says that the humans fled from a world they themselves shattered. Considering the races’ destructive nature, the theory is entirely believable. In addition to them, the elves, or Aen Seidhe, also happened to enter the world with the Conjunction. The elven civilization dates back to the most ancient and historical structures and cities. Whereas dwarves and gnomes residing in The Continent have outlived both the elves and the humans.

Why the Conjunction of Spheres is a prominent event in The Witcher? 

The Witcher
A still of Ciri in The Witcher; she’s on the ground screaming in a field, causing a monolith to topple Photo: Katalin Vermes/Netflix.

We know that The Witcher: Blood Origin, a spin-off to the main series, will tell the story of the elves and how Witchers came into existence. But the “elven world” portrayed from hundreds of years ago is not merely the basis for the prequel. It is true that some creatures and powerful entities slipped into the universe of The Continent. But meanwhile, some entities also managed to travel to other universes. 

Some elves, the Aen Elle, left their own world for a place where they would feel unbothered, free and invincible. The Aen Elle consider themselves to be the last standing protectors of their culture and values. It is because they are far away from humans and their vices. Before the cataclysm created by the Conjunction, they could freely travel from one world to another. But following the fateful event, they felt stuck in the same place. 

However, the Aen Elle are not entirely defenseless and without power. The Wild Hunt is believed to have originated from these elves. And they ultimately walk The Continent as wraiths and specters. They abduct and torture humans to serve them. Meanwhile, they look for a means to once again allow their people to cross en masse between universes uninterrupted. 

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What are the monoliths?

The evidence of the Conjunction in the world of The Witcher comes in the form of monoliths. Monoliths are magical portals, impenetrable by any normal being. They are made of black stone structuring, and they conduct the energy that opens up one world to connect it to another. 

As shown in Season 2, the wizard Istredd considers himself to possess the knowledge about these multiple universes. He has focused all his energy in studying the monoliths. In fact, he even goes above and beyond and serves the Nilfgaardian forces in order to gain access to them. However, his abundant comprehension does nothing to fully understand their working and significance. 

Although, Istredd’s’ continuous efforts to learn more reveals a lot for the audiences in The Witcher’s second season. As it pays attention to how the monoliths work and how they will affect the paths of all those who live on The Continent. But with everything else, the season depicts the connection between Ciri and the monoliths. As well as the mysteriously great power residing within her. 

The Witcher Season 1 and Season 2 are now available to stream exclusively on Netflix.