The Witcher’s Voleth Meir Explained: Is The Deathless Mother A Major Threat

Netflix released the episode list for its upcoming season of The Witcher series earlier this month. And ever since, fans have started theorizing about the identity of Voleth Meir. The new season has finally premiered. And we are trying to figure out who exactly is the Voleth Meir or the “Deathless Mother” introduced in the Netflix show.

Netflix’s The Witcher draws immense inspiration from every aspect of both the original Witcher book series and the games. The show has gained an abundance of loyal fans through the brand. Although, there are some elements of the show, such as a certain character or the plot, that strays from the source material now and then.  

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Witcher season 2.

One such character is that of the Voleth Meir. Regardless of being one of the most formidable villains in The Witcher Season 2, the Voleth Meir does not have roots seated in any of the source materials stated above. Apparently, the idea is a great surprise for the fans because the various speculations and discussions revolving around the entity did nothing for fans to expect the introduction of a new character in the series. And in the way, it did at that. With that said, this new villain, The Witcher Season 2, does take its ingenuity from somewhere within the franchise itself.   

The Voleth Meir – explained.

Essentially, Voleth Meir is a prehistoric identity. Geralt explains that she sustains by drawing the pain that has existed even before the Conjunction of the Spheres. This means that she has already lived for over a thousand years before The Witcher Season 2 introduces her to the audience. In Episode 7 of Season 2, titled “Voleth Meir,” we learn that the Witchers were created for the very purpose of confining her. This explains how she poses an enormous danger. She is called the “Deathless Mother” speaks for her own indomitable and powerful self.

The Voleth Meir in The Witcher Season 2

As an intriguing detail, the show portrays how she collaborates with the anguished to get what she wants because of her imprisonment. As the show progresses, we realize that she uses her influence on these people to torment them. And ultimately, she becomes stronger and stronger. Considering all her character traits, it is safe to assume that the Voleth Meir is based on two characters seen in the Witcher video games, and these are Gaunter O’Dimm and the Crones. However, neither of the video game entities have the Deathless Mother’s powers to attain and manipulate the minds and bodies of others.

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Does the Deathless Mother draw inspiration from the Crones in Witcher 3?

When we compare the two, The Witcher Season 2 shows three skulls at the shrine of the Deathless Mother. These seem to possess a striking resemblance to the three Crones, who apparently are the repetitive evils in Witcher 3. Previously, the Crones were believed to be introduced in The Witcher Season 2. This is because the hut that Voleth Meir is trapped in is similar to where the players meet the witches in Witcher 3. Eventually, they meet Ciri as they want to use her for her Elder Blood to attain more strength. However, the Crones mean devouring Ciri and not just taking control of her body, which differs from Voleth Meir. 

The three skulls at the shrine of the Deathless Mother

In the same way, the Crones can look into the minds of the person they are meddling with. And they also possess the ability to take the physical form of their deepest desires. But this power is only displayed once. Particularly when they pose as younger forms to lure a man, only to cook and eat him later. But because the Deathless Mother is shown to be a singular entity, it is unlikely that The Witcher Season 2 villain is anywhere as close to resemblance as the Crones.

Similarities between Voleth Meir and Gaunter O’Dimm

Nevertheless, Voleth Meir’s interesting deals with the people she picks to manipulate. Because these can be compared to Gaunter O’Dimm, perhaps known to some as Master Mirror or the Man of Glass, O’Dimm is also a prominent figure in the Witcher 3. He is known to fulfill the needs of the people he makes deals with, just like Voleth.

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However, for O’Dimm, these deals usually end with him taking the other person’s soul. At the same time, the Deathless Mother’s contracts cost a lot to the other person. And usually, the price they pay ends up vandalizing the wish itself. For instance, when Yennefer deals with Voleth Meir, she wishes for her powers to return. But that costs her to lose her values and freedom. Interestingly, Master Mirror’s contracts have a similar way of exchange in the games. 

As a matter of fact, the two entities differ in some aspects. O’Dimm particularly stresses the fact that he is nothing close to a demon. But Voleth Meir is a powerful one. However, the parallels between the two are powerful. And he was also a factor considered when sketching the character of the Deathless Mother. Moreover, O’Dimm is also apparently invincible, like Voleth Meir. And eventually meets his end with the use of one of his pacts against him. 

Is Voleth Meir a major villain in The Witcher?

Some audiences do not consider The Witcher Season 2’s Voleth Meir a prominent villain in the series. The show is ferociously working towards setting up bigger villains such as the Wild Hunt and Emperor Emhyr of Nilfgaard. But it cannot be entirely overlooked that the franchise’s other villains inspire her. And while they never got a chance to appear in the flagship series individually, this combination serves as an interesting inclusion. Perhaps they could have drawn the story away from its main storyline. But now they work well with establishing a strong history for The Witcher Season 3. This is attained because the entity wins in its fearsome portrayal of ancient lore. Thus creating a place for itself in the franchise.