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Theory: Blade Is On The Run For Wanda And The Montesi Formula

By Abraham George
February 20,2022

The post-credits scene from the Eternals has been one of the most discussed scenes on social media. In the wake of seeing Sersi being kidnapped by Arishem in the middle of the day, Dane Whitman turns to his own family legacy to see for hope. And the hope may be Blade.

In the middle of finding the Ebony Blade, he hears a voice off screen. The voice of Mahershala Ali, who will play Blade in a future MCU film, is now confirmed to be behind that voice. This Blade theory says that Blade didn’t come to the MCU to recruit Whitman. Instead, he came to find a powerful artifact that would help him. Suppose that Mahershala Ali’s Blade is looking for the Darkhold, which holds the Montesi Formula, and that this is where it will get it.

How The Darkhold Creates Evil

How Doctor Strange 2's Trailer Teases Return of WandaVision's Darkhold

How Doctor Strange 2’s Trailer Teases Return of WandaVision’s Darkhold

Eons ago, the Elder God Chthon wrote down all of the dark spells he found and made on indestructible paper. These parchments were made of real human flesh, and they were later put into a book called the Darkhold, which is now known as a codex. Many cults and religions also call this book Shiatra Book of the Damned or the Book of the Sins. A place called the Darkhold is full of evil, dark, and corrupting magic. It is said to have the answer to any question; but it comes with a price that you must pay for it.

Atlantis and Lemurian people were attacked and destroyed after the events of Ancient Earth. The warrior Knull killed the Lemurian Dark Sorcerer Thulsa Doom. When Varnae was dying, the Darkholders used the Darkhold to bring him back from the dead with a spell of dark magic from a long time ago.

This is how they did it. It was Varnae who became the first living vampire. He then spread the virus to other Darkholders so that he could start his own vampiric army. The Darkhold was the place where vampires came from, which is why Blade hated them so much.

It was then that Morgan le Fay took the pages of Darkhold and put them in a book during the time of King Arthur. During WandaVision, the Darkhold exists in the way it is supposed to in the MCU.

Agatha’s Power On The Darkhold

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness

Ancient texts were found in the Darkhold, which was found by Agatha Harkness just by luck. Whenever the other witches tried to stop her from becoming a better person, she asked the Darkhold for help. Among the many spells that the Darkhold gives you are long life, immunity from all diseases, and even immortality for a price, though all these invoke a sacrifice that is deadly and life-threatening.

Darkhold, which was made by Agatha Harkness in the comic books, is very modern now. Agatha Harkness made it. And the Darkhold is a place where vampires come from, and it happens at a time when the empires of Atlantis and Lemuria were at their best. Namor, being an Atlantean, could mean its formal introduction. Thus, a solo movie could explain the Atlantean relation with the Darkhold.

Lemuria was a Kingdom that was run by the Deviants, who are people who have already been shown in Marvel’s Eternals. They ran the country.

The Darkhold has a lot of spells that have been lost through the ages, but they’re all in there. Even lycanthropy has its roots in the book. Can even open doors to  experience Limbo and summon older gods, like Chthon, with the help of this book. It can also use Darkforce to take control of an enemy against their will. This formula is by far the most important one in Darkhold.

The Montesi Formula


Marvel Comics cover for Doctor Strange that highlights the Montesi Formula

When you use the Montesi Formula, you will be able to get rid of all the vampires in the world! There is even a spell in the book that can kill all of the blood-suckers in one go. An old monk named Montesi found the magic spell a long time ago. Some of the words in the incantation are like this:

When you use the Montesi Formula spell, the only thing that can go wrong is that the effects don’t last long. All vampires that were killed would be brought back to life right away if the spell is broken.

Wanda will probably never let go of the Darkhold, which is a piece of her existence and art. There are spells and incantations written on it that she knows how to use better than anyone else. The best thing for Blade to do would be to join the Midnight Sons and make Scarlet Witch cast the Montesi Formula, which would kill all vampires. When you come to think about it, such a theory may not even be realistic. Considering post the events of Doctor Strange 2 will tell if the Darkhold will be destroyed or worse, Wanda dies.

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