Theory: Gorr The God Butcher Could Be Connected To The Symbiotes

Gorr the God Butcher, who appears in Thor: Love and Thunder, has a strong relationship to Marvel Comics’ symbiotes, which could have major repercussions for the MCU’s future. The major villain of Thor: Love and Thunder was finally revealed in the second trailer. Gorr, who is played by Christian Bale, is an extraterrestrial warrior on a murderous mission against the MCU’s gods.

Gorr’s comic book origins raise the likelihood that his appearance will lead to more investigation into the MCU’s perspective on symbiotes. Because of the multiverse hijinks in Spider-Man: No Way Home, these alien parasites exist in the MCU. Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, left a small fragment of the Venom symbiote behind during his brief appearance in the MCU. While Venom has returned to his own realm, the MCU now has the resources to create its own symbiote story in a future Marvel film or television show. It’s possible, however, that this arrangement was unnecessary. Earth-616 may have its own symbiotes residing somewhere in space.


Gorr’s forthcoming MCU debut has sparked conversations about symbiotes dating back to Thor: Love and Thunder. Gorr’s weapon of choice in Marvel Comics is All-Black the Necrosword, which was revealed to be a real symbiote. It was the first of its sort, in fact. It was created by the malevolent god Knull, who also served as its host. The sword fell into Gorr’s possession after Knull was defeated in combat. As a result, the character became the All-Black symbiote’s second host. Gorr became a destructive force and a horror to the gods as a result of its might. Given that Gorr’s adventures revolve around the sword, there’s a decent likelihood he’s a symbiote host in the MCU, much like he was in the comics.

When it comes to Gorr’s symbiote bond, the MCU has a few alternatives. The teaser confirms the presence of All-Black, but does not clarify whether or not the weapon has a comic book origin. The weapon will almost certainly play a role in his Thor 4 plan, so Marvel will have to address it in some way. It could accomplish so by confirming that All-Black the Necrosword is a symbiote, changing the sword’s origin entirely, or leaving its true nature unknown.

Marvel can use Gorr the God Butcher to continue establishing the MCU’s mythos and even even introduce a legitimate origin for the MCU’s symbiote species, depending on how it approaches the sword. Whatever it establishes about symbiotes in Thor: Love and Thunder could be useful in future Marvel movies, particularly if it decides to make a Venom tale with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. It might also be utilised to set up Knull, who has the potential to be a Phase 5 crossover villain due to his high power level.