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Theory: Grogu’s Choice Might Lead To Din Djarin Than Luke

By Abraham George
February 6,2022

Because of The Book of Boba Fett, we know why Grogu’s future is with the Mandalorian, not Luke Skywalker, since the end of season 2 of The Mandalorian.

The sixth episode of the Book of Boba Fett shows that Grogu might be feeling the same way about Din Djarin leaving him. This sets the stage for their relationship in the Star Wars prequel series.

The Grogu And Skywalker Episode

Grogu With Luke Skywalker

Grogu With Luke Skywalker

During The Book of Boba Fett episode 6, Luke Skywalker and Grogu keep getting more powerful. Now, the story shifts to how they interact with each other. Grogu thinks about his past with Din Djarin, the life he had to give up to become a Jedi.

It was the end of the episode, and Grogu could choose from glowing lightsabers and Mandalorian armor to end it.

If you read the Book of Boba Fett, you can see that Grogu’s future is Mandalorian. It’s still not clear which path he will take though.

Like Grogu, Din Djarin had to leave his Mandalorian sect because of things that happened while he was traveling with Grogu. The youngling lived a life outside of the Jedi code while Din Djarin was taking care of him, just like Grogu.

During The Book of Boba Fett, episode 6, Luke says to Ahsoka that Grogu doesn’t know where his heart is at. Whether it’s with the Jedi’s way, or somewhere else.

Grogu had a strong attachment for Din in episode 6. His feelings for him were strong and probably won’t be broken by anything (although ultimately the Mandalorian chooses not to visit Grogu).

In the end, though, time will be the last nail in Grogu’s Jedi coffin. Because of the movies, audiences know that even if Grogu survives Ben, the Jedi Order isn’t going to last long enough for him.

In other words, even if Grogu decides to become a Jedi during this time, it will have little or no effect on the Mandalorian’s long-term prospects.

What Could Be The Consequences From Grogu’s Choice?

Luke Skywalker asking Grogu to choose between Mandalorian and Jedi way

Luke Skywalker asking Grogu to choose between Mandalorian and Jedi way

Even though Grogu is no longer a member of Din Djarin’s new Mandalorian clan, his apparent internal conflict and Luke’s remark about his heart show that Grogu will stay a Mandalorian even though he is no longer part of Din Djarin’s clan.

On top of that, he’s found comfort and security in the company of a Mandalorian, and in a flashback, he remembers being saved from Order 66, which is what he did. As a Jedi, Grogu has even more of a place in the Mandalorian community.

It is possible that he will now follow the path of a Mandalorian, remembering the time he spent at the Jedi temple and trying to return to the Mandalorians even more powerful when he meets them again.

Tarre Vizsla, who became Mandalore after being trained as a Jedi, did the same. Grogu could do the same thing.

He might one day get the Darksaber from Din, because the weapon is in the hands of Grogu’s clan.

Questions about the Mando-verse on Disney+ can be asked because so many pieces move and shift around. As a whole, there have been a lot of good Star Wars episodes.

Even though Disney’s Star Wars shows haven’t had a lot of plot and are more focused on making sure everything is in line with the canon.

The part that Grogu’s future is with The Mandalorian, not Luke Skywalker, as the focus of this era of Star Wars moves away from the Jedi. This is shown in Episode 6.

For now, let the speculations roll. The final episode of the Book of Boba Fett airs this Wednesday on Disney+.