These Characters Are The Nexus Beings In The Marvel Universe

We have come to know that Nexus Beings are some of the most unpredictable and powerful figures in the Marvel Universe. These individual beings can affect the universe surrounding them and as a result, the future too. So it makes them important figures regarding the progression of the time stream. 

Also, along with this, thanks to their unique techniques and abilities, these beings can shift the universe and the multiverse itself. There’s supposedly just one true and real Nexus Being present in each multiversal reality. Now, both WandaVision and Loki have hinted towards Nexus Beings showing up in the MCU. 

So it’s time to remember the characters who are powerhouses and what they have done to affect reality. 

Kang And Scarlett


Longtime Avenger and a former villain, Wanda Maximoff is certainly one of the most strong and powerful characters in the MCU. The Scarlet Witch draws her magical skills from her inner ability to fully control and harness the Chaos Magic. This allows her to alter the reality around her. 

Due to this, her Hex Bolts affect probability in all kinds of forms and she can essentially do what she wants. Wanda’s abilities have let her shift the reality around her with full ease. For example, she depowered most of the mutant race after the events of House of M. So she’s considered as the Nexus Being of Earth-616. 

So this allows her to have an inner connection to her universe. Also, it should be noted that other versions of the Scarlet Witch from all across the multiverse were also Nexus Beings. 



In the Marvel Universe, Merlin has an origin story that’s shrouded in mystery. He is a master mystic who improved his powers and then reached the high magical realm called the Otherworld. As a result, Merlin became an important guardian of the omniverse. At his most powerful, he can shift worlds. 

Also, it was through him as well as his daughter Roma that the Captain Britain Corps was even put together in the first place, before going to serve as the multiversal protectors. Know that Merlin was an ally to the first and original Excalibur even though he did manipulate them frequently. 

Recently, he went back to Otherworld and since then has been locked in a feud with his daughter. As a result, he has become king of his very own personal section of the Otherworld that’s known as the Holy Republic of Fae. Here he is currently in a showdown with the mutants of Krakoa.



Kang the Conqueror or Nathaniel Richards is a time traveller hailing from the distant 30th century. He is a distant descendant of Reed Richards, as well as probably Doctor Doom. Coming from Earth-6311, Kang is a very confounding enemy of the Avengers. Since he came from an advanced world, so Nathaniel grew up to become an inspiring inventor.

He discovered a time machine and then set out to make an empire that spanned across time and space. But trying to stop him is one of his biggest foes- the heroes of Earth-616. Kang is known for having technological solutions to the problems the heroes throw in his path. 

Also, due to these technological advancements, he can easily affect realities as well as the way they are supposed to end. Know that we will all be seeing him in Phase 4 of the MCU, portrayed by Jonathan Majors.



Sise-Neg came from the 31st century of Earth-74113. He was first introduced in Marvel Premiere. This was a world where humans had largely mastered magic all across the species. And so this had drained the universe of a lot of its innate magical energy. 

So Sise went back to the past as well as across realities to claim the then-untaken magical forces. In the journey, Sise-Neg went up against Doctor Strange as well as Baron Mordo of Earth-616. At the end, Strange followed Sise across the timelines as he captured mystical energy in a bid to absorb enough power to alter the entire universe fully. 

However, after he drained powers from the Shuma-Gorath, Sise gained omniscience and decided that he shouldn’t interfere in the workings of the universe. And so he made sure that Earth-616 carried on as it was before his interference even began. 


In the What If? series, there’s a “Timequake” storyline that focuses on the Nexus Beings from the other realities as well as how they got targeted by the Time Masters. After taking in a version of Immortus to travel between realities and to drain powers of the Nexus Beings, others stayed in the multiverse. 

This includes Frankin Richards of Earth-772, Phoenix of Earth-9250, the Scarlet Witch of Earth-616, Odin of Earth-9260, and Vision of Earth-90110. More notably, these Nexus Beings have the power to destroy the Time Keepers. Also, they created so much chaos that the Watcher had to work in tandem with the TVA to safeguard the multiverse. 

Now, it’s possible that the storyline we mentioned just above could come true in the MCU. After all, recently the beings and their power levels, like that of the Scarlet Witch and Loki, have caught the eye of the TVA. It remains to be seen how this storyline gets explored further in the MCU and what are the consequences of it for the universe and our beloved characters. 

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