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These Could Be The Possible Phase 6 Projects Left Out During Comic Con

By Eswar Keshav
August 29,2022

Not so long ago at the San Diego Comic-Con a month back, Kevin Feige took the liberty of announcing the Multiverse Saga in the MCU, spanning from phases 4 to 6.

Phase 5 projects and release dates were fully revealed and out of 11 total projects in Phase 6, 3 movie names have been dropped, Fantastic Four, Avengers: Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars.

Without further ado, let’s get to predict what some of those 8 projects can be or their possible alternatives.

8. Young Avengers/ Midnight Sons Project

Young Avengers

Young Avengers

Judging from what we have, either a Young Avengers or a Midnight Sons project is imminent and would most probably is in Phase 6, due to the events surrounding Ant-Man 3 and Agatha: Coven Of Chaos.

Young Avengers looks like a more realistic project to set up first than Midnight Sons due to the involvement of Punisher and Wolverine with the Midnight Sons.

7. Armor Wars

Armor Wars Logo

Armor Wars Logo

Announced long back, this series would be revolving around when Tony Stark’s technology falls in the wrong hands and it’s up to War Machine to fix the problem, all the while getting used to a life without Iron Man and his best friend.

This series does not have a concrete release date, but Don Cheadle assures fans that it is going smoothly and it would make more sense to assume it would be placed after the Ironheart series.

6. Deadpool 3



After acquiring the rights of Fox characters into the MCU, one of the first updates we received was for the foul-mouthed comedy mercenary for hire, irresponsibility as his first nature, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Many sources were reporting about this movie being in the works for a while now and, that Feige will be going ahead with the plan of keeping the comical mercenary movie as R-rated.

The addition of Deadpool will be another step closer to mutants in MCU, which they already own the rights to and have also made a brief experience with Professor X’s entry in The Illuminati of Earth 838.

Taking into consideration that MCU cannot showcase mutants or start producing on their projects anytime soon, Deadpool can serve as the perfect entrance before Marvel Phase 6 wraps up.

5. Shang-Chi 2

Shang-Chi's Ending Scene


Following the explosive debut of the superhero Shang-Chi into the MCU, the movie and characters worked well with the audiences, and critics and were loved alike. The movie was winning people around the world with its humor, fighting choreography, and the final mystery at the end which was unsolved by Sorcerer Supreme, Bruce Banner, and even Captain Marvel.

The fans would love to see the mystery being unwrapped in a future movie, to reveal the true power beneath the ten rings. Soon enough, we did get an update of a sequel to Shang-Chi, which would be released sometime soon. Early Phase 6 looks like a good time to wrap this mystery out of the way and pitch in new mysteries.

4. Eternals 2



Even if the movie didn’t work well in a few places, it served as a good introduction story for the Eternals as well as the Celestials, with Starfox making a cameo appearance in one credit scene and Blade in the other one, teasing Black Knight played by Kit Harrington.

Regardless of the movie’s way of handling things, it works more as a way of stepping stone to showcase more cosmic threats and celestials who have their eyes on Earth, which could be the next big threat for Avengers.

3. Doctor Doom Series

Doctor Doom Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom Marvel Comics

After Doctor Doom’s rumored appearance in The MCU spanning from Black Panther 2 to Fantastic Four, there have been some reports talking about a Doctor Doom series in the works at Marvel. Looking at least more than 3 years to select a release date, it can be inferred that the Doom series would surely be before Avengers: Kang Dynasty or in between Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars due to his role in the Secret Wars comic storyline.

Being the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four also, Doom is a fan favorite villain in the comics due to his ideals, and powers combined with his tragic backstory. Doom turned out to be a villain whose intentions were noble and his ideals were also recognized by the Panther Goddess.

2. Nova Series

Nova in Marvel Comics

Nova in Marvel Comics

Out of all the exciting news that we received of late, another one is added to the collection, a Nova project, which will be helmed by Moon Knight writer, Sabir Pirzada up for the job. The Nova that we will be getting is supposedly Richard Rider Nova, which will explore some of the consequences of Thanos destroying Xandar for the power stone, and later turning towards Sam Alexander Nova too.

Fans are very excited regarding this project and it would make sense to assume Nova roaming across the galaxy for answers, till he lands upon the looming threat of Kang.

Richard  Rider had also helped Earth against many other villain invasions, a prominent one of them being Annihilus.

1. Wonder Man Series



Another announcement for the Multiverse Saga had been one of that concerning the Wonder Man series, directed by Shang-Chi fame Destin Daniel Cretton serving as Executive Producer, with Andre Guest as Head Writer.

Wonder Man who initially started as someone who hated Tony Stark slowly went on to become a member of the Avengers. Even having connections with many other characters such as Wanda aka Scarlet Witch, this is a perfect opportunity to take a look at the ionic energy superhero.

A 2024 release date for this has been in the talks and counting on his incidents with Kang, it would be placed before Kang Dynasty.


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