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These Netflix’s Daredevil Actors Might Return In A MCU Disney+ Show

By Mabel Judith Andrady
October 4,2021

When the Marvel series was airing, Daredevil was Netflix’s most popular and profitable show. Numerous individuals felt let down by the cancellation. Charlie Cox’s tenure on the show was widely expected to come to an end after Marvel Studios took control of the television division. In any case, current reports have it that things are looking bright for Cox’s fans.

Many people believe that the actor will reprise his part in Spider-Man: No Way Home in December. This, despite the rumors that have been going about for a while. Many viewers were certain they recognized the renowned lawyer from the film’s teaser. However, recent rumors say that the character is slated to receive a key part in the forthcoming Echo show for Disney+, which has yet to be formally confirmed.

Who are the Daredevil cast members rumored for a comeback?



Daniel Richtman reported through his Patreon account that Marvel Studios intends to offer Daredevil his own project once again in the future, this time with Charlie Cox as its main man. When it comes to the forthcoming Echo series, Richtman confirms that Daredevil’s actors will be returning and playing major roles.

This may prompt some viewers to mistake the show for Daredevil Season 4, but Richtman makes it clear that “this is still very much Echo’s show,” and that “Echo is still the lead and it’s her show.” These returning characters will be “somewhat soft rebooted into the MCU, according to the insider. In other words, what do you make of this? They’ll all still know each other, but they’ll appear different and have distinct backstories. In spite of the alteration, the actors that play the characters will remain the same. It’s essential to remember that neither Disney nor Marvel Studios have confirmed this report. So, the report must be taken with a grain of salt for now.

Daredevil Returns!

Charlie Cox as Daredevil

Charlie Cox as Daredevil

Being able to see a larger future for the blind vigilante in the MCU is fantastic news for fans from everywhere who are also eagerly anticipating Spider-Man: No Way Home. Moreover, it’s likely that many will agree. It’s understandable that many are concerned that Aquala Cox’s first solo appearance after her MCU debut in Hawkeye would be ruined by all of this, and they’re not wrong. As a result of her name being the show’s title, and Marvel Studios’ development of the show is a major move forward, we can safely say they know Echo is going to take center stage.

After all, almost all of the MCU’s Avengers and major supporting characters were included in Captain America: Civil War. It was still primarily Captain America’s narrative at the end of the day. Not to add that characters like Daredevil and Wilson Fisk are intimately linked to Echo in the comics. For instance, in the original material, Maya Lopez is really Fisk’s adoptive daughter. This could certainly explain the speculations of Hawkeye’s Vincent D’Onofrio comeback. Hawkeye will premiere on Disney+ on November 24th, while work on Echo is expected to begin in early 2022

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