These Photos Shows How Carol Vorderman Is Changing Into Kim Kardashian

Carol Vorderman recently got a Math distinction at her alma mater, but all eyes were on her figure-hugging grey gown. Similarly, the brainbox showed off her curves in a black and ash-coloured jumpsuit to meet with astronaut Tim Peake. Surprisingly, her fans couldn’t help but notice parallels between her and Kim Kardashian.

Carol Vorderman is turning into Kim Kardashian.

Is she becoming Kim? This question was raised by her fans. Thankfully, there appears to be some evidence: a side-by-side comparison of 60-Year-Old Carol and Kim, including bikini selfies, gravity-defying bottom postures, and, oddly, tight trouser stances, among other things.

Carol Vorderman

Do you think Kim and Carol have the same figure?

Selfie in a Bikini.

Carol, like Kim, flaunted her figure in beautiful bikini selfies on the beach. She’s allegedly a voluptuous size 12 and has stated that she feels more confident in herself than ever before, but admitting that she used to critique her appearance when she was much younger.

Workouts for Increasing Butt.

Carol’s bum recently sparked a fuss in a pair of leggings. She admitted that when her “knickers dig into my bum,” she frequently gets “commando.” She further emphasised that she had not had bottom implants and that she had been working out for decades, thus her shape is the product of staying fit. The model walks seven miles every day and performs sets of 12 slow, deep squats with a 12kg kettlebell. Kim, it turned out, is a fan of this workout.


Surprisingly, the two had both attempted paddleboarding. Kim, on the other hand, has claimed that her famed bottom is the result of a daily 90-minute workout with trainer Melissa Alcantara. Carol Vorderman, on the other hand, looks great for her age, according to Cosmetic Doctor Ejikeme of London’s Adonia Medical Clinic, and she obtained her curvaceous Kim K figure via working out.

The Beachwear in White

Carol wandered on an Austrian beach as Kim recorded in Miami in white beachwear. Carol told Express that she doesn’t look as nice as she used to, but she’s more secure now that she’s learned all her self-criticism was pointless.

Tight Black casuals with an Hourglass.

In tight black casuals, the two women flaunted their amazing hourglass figure once more. In terms of hair extensions, Kim shaved her locks into a bob in 2018 but quickly returned to extensions because she missed her long hair. The business magnate confesses to having her forehead lasered to remove newborn hair outbreaks.

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