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These Three Original Avengers Should Be On Their Way Out Of The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 1,2022

Marvel fans are curious about how the three original Avengers will exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Infinity Saga. Directed by The Russo Brothers, Endgame saw the defeat of Thanos, marking the end of the first narrative chapter in the MCU. Iron Man’s final film also served as a farewell to Black Widow and Captain America for the series. This, however, doubled the uncertainty for the other key characters.

Direct Successors To The Original Avengers Make Their Way To The MCU

All six Infinity Stones were used by Tony Stark to defeat Thanos once and for all, while Natasha Romanoff died to obtain the Soul Stone in Vormir during an attempted time-travel robbery. Steve Rogers, on the other hand, was given the opportunity to retire, though it is still unclear what will become of him. All six elements were returned by the Star-Spangled Avenger as vowed to the Ancient One so that time would not be diverted. He then went back to the late 1940s to reunite with Peggy and lead a full life with her. Although his exact location isn’t known, there’s a good chance he’s gone for good. There are only three remaining original Avengers still actively involved in the MCU: Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye.

The MCU’s Phase 4 is promoting its second generation of heroes, such as Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, Sam Wilson, and Captain Marvel, as its primary characters. Shang-Chi and the Eternals are just a few of the many newcomers to the franchise. There will also be a third group of players who will take their places as the more direct successors to the original Avengers in the upcoming film. Two new superheroes will take over the roles of Iron Man and Black Widow, respectively. She-Hulk, Jane Foster, and Kate Bishop are all successors to Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye. This serves as a timely reminder that the franchise’s final founding members will depart at some point, though exactly when is unclear.

 The Green Monster



This Hulk’s MCU arc has been strange. Endgame quickly solved the issue of Bruce Banner’s split personality with the introduction of Smart Hulk—the character in his Hulk form but with Banner’s consciousness. Because the 2019 film failed to explain how this was accomplished, many people are left wondering about his personal history. His return to human form in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings only adds fuel to the fire of suspicion about his current state of health. He still has a long future in the MCU despite these remaining questions and his forthcoming appearance in She-Hulk, not to mention the rumored World War Hulk film.

After that, it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel Studios decides to write Hulk out of the series. One option in Marvel’s What If…? was the use of Pym Particles to cause the character to blow up from the inside out. That, however, appears to be too violent and gory for live-action. Rather than eliminating the Hulk, as Captain America was in Endgame, he could have been retired. In this way, he was able to enjoy the peace and quiet he had always craved. He might even be able to find someone to share his life with. So, if there is a need for him, the MCU can still easily bring him back in a flashback scene.

Thor- The God Of Thunder

Thor The Dark World


Thor, like the Hulk, is a difficult character to say goodbye to because of his near-immortality. In Thor: Ragnarok, Odin dies of natural causes, just like his son, Thor, who has lived for more than 1500 years. However, the God of Thunder is distinct from the former Allfather in that he has no intention of remaining the Asgardian King. When he spoke with Frigga while he was stealing time in Endgame, he finally realized that he was not the king, but an adventurer at heart. If he’s physically capable, he’d rather be on the road than sittong in his throne, which is also a more dangerous route.

Thor’s exit from the MCU isn’t necessary at this point, to be honest. The God of Thunder’s real story arc is just beginning among the remaining founding heroes. Due to the involvement of director Taika Waititi with Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios took some time to find the right approach to the character. Because of this, it’s best to retire Thor from the MCU rather than find a way to do so. As an Asgardian, he has the advantage of being able to live much longer than his peers. He has the experience and wisdom to serve as the franchise’s sage. With time, Hemsworth can mellow and become more of a supporting character rather than a blazing hero in the role of Thor. Then, like Odin, he can die in a natural way when the time comes.


Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye


Hawkeye was rumored to have died as early as in Age of Ultron, . HowevUltron.keye has only just been given his own spin-off series after being introduced in Thor. As soon as he was introduced in the 2015 ensemble film, he was always rumored to have died in his subsequent appearances. Aside from the brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War as Ant-Man’s sidekick, Clint Barton was completely absent from the events of Infinity War. The death of his wife and children at the hands of Thanos had left him in a ruthless state of mind when he returned five years later in Endgame as Ronin. His heroic roots were reignited when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was approached with the idea of a time heist.

The fate of Hawkeye in Endgame has a lot of people upset, and that’s understandable. It was Black Widow, not Clint, who ended up making the sacrificial play instead of Clint’s penance for his actions as Ronin. The story continues now, as he begins to teach Kate Bishop the art of Hawkeye. Similarly, the miniseries could have been the character’s farewell performance. To compensate for Nat’s contentious death in Endgame, Marvel Studios could have shown Clint also sacrificing himself for the greater good. Because the hero survived the events of the Disney+ series. The samurai vigilante’s rampage as a samurai vigilante can still be held accountable by Marvel Studios in the future. It’s possible that Hawkeye will die saving Yelena, Nat’s sister, who appeared in Hawkeye as his final heroic act in the MCU. Either way, the three original Avengers will exit the MCU until death does its part.

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