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This Is How Moon Knight Will Always Be Better Than Spider-Man

By Mabel Judith Andrady
November 28,2021

Marc Spector’s Moon Knight proves that he’ll always be better than Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in one respect. On the other hand, Spector would never even consider abandoning his duties as the Fist of Khonshu, even if he was at odds with his god. His reasons for this are tragic, and Marc tells his therapist in this new issue of the comics.

Rejecting Khonshu

Marc Spector has returned to New York in previous issues of Moon Knight written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Alessandro Cappuccio. Here, he is set to protect his territory and those who live in the vicinity of his Midnight Mission. A major battle with the Avengers saw Marc blindly serving an Egyptian moon god Khonshu who ordered him to seize Earth’s primordial powers for himself.


However, Marc eventually began to resist his god, and he has done nothing to free Khonshu from his imprisonment in Asgard after the Avengers defeated him. Although Marc no longer serves his god in this new series, Moon Knight #5 reveals why he is still operating as Moon Knight.

Peter Parker has at times contemplated the possibility of no longer being Spider-Man. The most famous times were in 1967’s Amazing Spider-Man #50. When Parker threw his suit in the trash and declared “Spider-Man no more” as he walked away, it’s clear from Marc Spector’s recent interview that he has no plans to leave his role any time soon.

His identity as Moon Knight allows him to ignore all of his flaws, imperfections, and regrets. Marc’s sacrifices to become Moon Knight are so great that even if circumstances change, he will never retire his cape. This includes not rejecting Khonshu.

Spector’s Importance

Moon Knight

Marc’s refusal to give up his duties as Moon Knight is understandable, given this tragic explanation. Aside from all of his other personas, it’s not hard to see why he developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. The thought of just being Marc never occurred to him. While his dedication and commitment may give him an edge over Spider-Man, it’s not without a price.

Just because they both hail from New York City, it’s always fun to compare and contrast the two superheroes. Marc has a higher level of commitment than Peter Parker in this situation. Since his heroic career began, Spector has given and sacrificed far too much for him to ever resign from the role of Moon Knight in the MCU at this time.

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