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This Is How Ms. Marvel’s Powers Link Her To The Multiverse

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 21,2022

Assuming Ms. Marvel in the MCU has the same powers as in the comics, then she’s a fascinating link to the multiverse. This would tie together the various threads of Phase 4. In 2014, Kamala Khan made her debut as a comic book character. Consequently, it was immediately apparent that she was something special. Because she was Marvel’s first Muslim-American superhero, Kamala dealt with issues of traditionalist Islam in a contemporary setting.

Ms. Marvel MCU Powers And Comic Book Powers

Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel

Iman Vellani will soon be making her MCU debut as Ms. Marvel. Adapting Ms. Marvel’s abilities for a live-action setting has piqued interest. This is because they were originally intended to only be seen in the context of a comic book. G. Willow Wilson, Kamala’s co-creator, noted:

She’s got very comic booky powers. God bless them trying to bring that to live-action, I don’t know how that’s going to work out, in a way that doesn’t look really creepy.

Also intriguing is the question of how Marvel will justify Kamala’s powers in their (pseudo)science-based universe; matter cannot be created or destroyed, so how does Kamala shrink, grow or stretch?

To many readers’ surprise, Marvel Comics finally unveiled Kamala’s secret powers in 2018. Ms. Marvel discovered that she could borrow mass from herself across time by accessing “some type of temporal vortex,” which she called a time portal. When Kamala shrinks, she sends some of her molecules into the vortex, and when she expands, she pulls more molecules from the vortex back into her body for storage.

That makes Ms. Marvel especially susceptible to volatility in time and space, and in one story a misfiring Einstein-Rosen bridge – constructed by the Spider-Man villain the Shocker, of all people – caused her power and authority to the mishap, hauling her into the temporal vortex she authenticates, only escaping with the help of fellow teen superhero Nebula.

How Kamala Khan Fits Well In The Phase 4

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan’s character Ms. Marvel is the perfect fit for Phase 4 because she serves as a thematic bridge between two of Phase 4’s major themes. if Marvel Studios follows the same approach. “Legacy hero” is a term used to describe characters inspired by and embodying the legacy of their predecessors. She does, however, have a correlation to the multiverse that is more subtle.

Marvel’s decision to alter Kamala Khan’s origin story to better integrate her into the Multiverse will be interesting to watch. Although she is in the comics, it’s not clear if Marvel will follow suit; the Inhumans have already been established as a part of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and the flopped Inhumans TV series, and it’s unlikely Marvel Studios will want to tether its film canon to that property. Ms. Marvel’s powers could be derived from cosmic events rather than Terrigen Mists, as depicted in the comics if a closer link to the MCU’s multiverse is established in Loki.

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