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This Is What Storyline Of ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Will Look Like

By Eswar Keshav
August 22,2022

Rejoice Daredevil fans, we got the long-awaited announcement of our beloved character daredevil, a series which will be adapting the “Born Again” storyline consisting of 18 episodes.

Netflix canceled the show after three seasons, fans were irked by this announcement. Years after this happened, in Spider-man: No Way Home, we see Charlie Cox reprising the lawyer Matt Murdock and then Vincent D’Onofrio appearing as Kingpin in Hawkeye.

We also get to see Daredevil back in his classic suit in the series She-Hulk, who is rumored to appear for a couple of ideas.

Future Of Daredevil In MCU

Daredevil Classic Suit

Daredevil Classic Suit

The announcement about the Daredevil series was made public during the Comic-Con, slated for a release in Spring 2024 with both Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio reprising their roles as Daredevil and Kingpin respectively. Not much was revealed about the other cast details as such.

After watching Daredevil and Kingpin appearing in many upcoming projects, even Echo, it is safe to surmise that we will be getting a full-time Hell’s Kitchen protector back in action.

What Is The Born Again Storyline in Comics

Matt Murdock

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

This arc is one, which shows Kingpin’s Monstrosity as Daredevil’s arch-nemesis and what he is capable of doing. This Comic Storyline especially deals with Kingpin wreaking havoc on Matt Murdock and shattering everything he has built up making Daredevil deranged, trying to escape the clutches of Kingpin’s men.

The story starts with Karen Page selling Matt Murdock as Daredevil for a shot of heroin, after her downward spiral in her career of being an actress, and this information gets passed on to the Kingpin.

This marks the beginning of Kingpin’s rampage on Matt Murdock, starting from his bank accounts to his job, Kingpin starts breaking it all down to push Matt onto the path of insanity. Kingpin also sends many of his underlings to track every action of Matt, Matt tries to look for revenge, calls for a showdown with Kingpin in which he brutally lost, and is left to die on a taxi which is pushed into the East River.

Murdock breaks free and gets himself treated by his mother in a catholic church, who has not appeared for years in his life. Kingpin even gets his hands on America’s Super Soldier Nuke, to kill Murdock. Nuke tries destroying Hell’s Kitchen to drag Murdock out of hiding, killing many civilians in the act. Daredevil tries to apprehend Nuke and then, Avengers take him into custody.

Everything falls on Kingpin, after Nuke’s attempt is failed and Kingpin gets him killed by the military, in the process Captain America catches one of the hitmen sent to assassinate Nuke and finds out that Kingpin is behind all this chaos. Kingpin loses his public image and the trust of his subordinates for his actions.

How Does This Story play Into The Series?

Kingpin in Hawkeye

Kingpin in Hawkeye

In season 3, we already witnessed Kingpin finding out Daredevil’s identity but with a small twist, it was because of Matt’s mistake that Kingpin found out. Matt’s fight in the prison led Kingpin to presume that Matt may be Daredevil and starts to ruin Matt’s life.

Kingpin sends Bullseye, to track and kill Matt, but slows everything starts to fall apart for Kingpin after Bullseye learns of the methods that Kingpin used to recruit him.

Season 3 of Daredevil, loosely adapts this arc with a few references also embedded into some episodes. The “Born Again” may be full-fledged in the next installment. There is also a chance to adapt the sequel-like arc to this story, in which Daredevil gives a taste of his own medicine to Kingpin, finally besting him.

The Possible Changes in the Comic and the Series

Daredevil Born Again Logo

Daredevil Born Again Logo

Since Kingpin has already figured out Daredevil’s identity, we can see the series starting from the downfall of Matt with the return of the titular character Bullseye, leading to a three-fold war between Daredevil, Kingpin, and Bullseye.

The sheer length of this installment also means that there is more space for other heroes to appear and assist Matt, such as The Avengers or Punisher, or even Jessica Jones, there have been rumors of both the Punisher and Jessica Jones reprising their roles in the MCU.
This also lays down the probability to mark the completion of the Kingpin arc and move on to the next antagonist, Bullseye who was also another major villain for Daredevil.

Too bad, that we still have to wait till Spring 2024 to witness this epic story come forward as an adaptation and to contemplate our most-liked character in the journey of donning his classic Daredevil costume. We can only hope that She-Hulk and Echo work in setting up a few pieces to increase our excitement for this chapter.


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