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This Is What Tom Holland Has To Say About New Spider-Man Trilogy News

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 1,2021

Spider-Man: No Way Home seems to be the only thing on everyone’s mind at the moment. There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding Tom Holland’s upcoming third Spider-Man film. This is because it features villains from previous Spider-Man films, making it one of the most ambitious of the Holland era. The fact that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield may reprise their roles as the iconic Marvel hero makes this one of the most anticipated movies of 2021.

As it turned out, the hype for this one wasn’t just empty words from the fans. There has been a surge in the number of No Way Home tickets for sale on the secondary market due to the overwhelming demand for movie tickets. The moviegoing community is abuzz not only because of the release of the tickets.


Producer Amy Pascal announced on Spider-Monday that Tom Holland had signed a new deal to continue playing Peter Parker in the MCU. This paves the way for a possible second trilogy of Spidey movies with Holland as the lead actor. It was only a matter of time before the subject was brought up in front of the man himself in light of this announcement.

Tom Holland’s Reaction to a Second Spider-Man Trilogy 

Tom Holland was asked about rumours of his appearance in the second trilogy of MCU Spider-Man films on the French talk show Quotidien.

When told of the news, the young actor exclaimed that it meant “very exciting things” and a “bright future ahead,” but admitted that he “[doesn’t] know what those things are.”

“Next question… Listen, all I’ll say is we have some very, very exciting things to be talking about. I don’t know what those things are or what they will transpire to mean. But it looks like it’s an incredibly bright future ahead, and as I’ve said before, Spider-Man will forever live in me.”

The Amazing Spidey Is Just As Excited As We Are!

Tom Holland As Spiderman

One cannot help but adore Tom Holland. An obvious sign of his enthusiasm for what he does is the wide grin on the actor’s face when asked questions like this about Spider-Man: No Way Home. Of course, he’s being coy, and it’s possible that he has no idea what Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have in store for Peter Parker in the near future. Yet, whenever the subject of Spider-Man comes up, he gets all giddy inside.

However, Tom Holland has a history of spilling details about upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe storylines. It’s possible that Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige may have a legitimate reason for withholding information from the young star. Peter and his crew have been confirmed to be returning, but they haven’t even been given a taste of what’s to come.

Are we finally going to get to see this version of Spider-Man navigating his way through university? Could Miles Morales be getting a live-action makeover shortly? If that is the case, Holland will be the last one to tell the Spidey faithful, and that’s a good thing because he’s getting better at keeping things quiet.

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