This Is What Would Happen If Shang-Chi Met These Characters From MCU

Have you ever imagined what would happen if Shang-Chi met some of the coolest characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Here is a list of 9 characters we would love for Shang-Chi to meet.

If Shang-Chi met:

#9 Captain Marvel

The heroes would make a great team fighting all of MCU’s famous antagonists. With Shang-Chi powerful rings, martial arts skills, and Captain Marvel basically just being the most powerful superhero in MCU, the two could hit it off well. Not just super-heroically but perhaps romantically as well.

Captain Marvel

While a lot of Carol Danvers love life is explained in the Marvel Comics, with War Machine being one of her greatest love interests, Shang-Chi could someday be next in line. Especially, after hanging up in the middle of the holographic conference call, there is a lot of explaining to do. If Shang-Chi or Captain Marvel ever decide to revisit that moment with each other, who knows if there ever will be a love story down the line.

#8 The Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

Shang-Chi is bound to get fascinated by the green monster. At the end of the movie, Bruce Banner returned to his human form, with no explanation as to what had happened to The Hulk. This suggests that Bruce and his alter-character are two separate beings. Shang-Chi meeting the sweet and calm Bruce but also a meet with the mighty Hulk could potentially lead to a confusing interaction with the Hulk. Most importantly, if the chit-chat later turned into a fight, Shang-Chi with the Ten Rings vs The Hulk would certainly be a sight to see. Although Bruce Banner did kind of interact with Shang-Chi during the Holographic conference call, we all know it wasn’t necessarily the real deal.

#7 War Machine

War Machine

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, War Machine has always been regarded as one of the most undervalued superheroes. Knowing that Rhodey’s way of pointing things that are unseen by others would make their meet an interesting one. If the two are ever together, we are sure to witness a few sarcastic commentaries by War Machine. The two might also share a laugh about the “fake” Mandarin. But again, would they ever be friends considering the Ten Rings gang captured Iron Man in the first installment?

#6 Sylvie


Now that Sylvie has been established as the finest Loki variant in Disney+, it’s time for her to connect with characters from the cinematic universe. As a result of Sylvie’s not-so-easy-to-trust-others attitude due to a rough past, Shang-Chi and Sylvie might establish an excellent rapport. For this reason, Shang-Chi seems to be the best person she could rely on. It is very much possible that Shang-Chi might encounter Sylvie when the effects of the multiverse begin to set in.

#5 Gamora


Shang-Chi and Gamora share a similar backstory. Both characters have been known for once abandoning their little sisters. Since Gamora traveled from 2014 onwards, unfortunately, she hasn’t experienced the same exact development as Shang-Chi. For this reason, Shang-Chi could help Gamora reconcile with Nebula. This would make the meeting more exciting for everyone. Shang-Chi and Gamora are both trained killers who have issues with their dads, which once again makes them quite similar. We wouldn’t recommend them dating but perhaps a relationship with that of a sibling nature sounds more like it.

#4 The Eternals

The Eternals

The mystery of who summoned the Ten Rings has Shang-Chi fans guessing on social media platforms. Seeing that the Eternals are about to make their debut, the Ten Rings might very well be indicating these entities. So it seems natural that Shang-Chi would face a threat that is comparable to that of the Dweller in the Darkness, with who the Eternals also have to contend. Someone as youthful as Shang-Chi interacting with immortal creatures would make for an interesting contrast.

#3 Doctor Strange

They could potentially meet in an upcoming Marvel movie. With Wong opening a portal and showing up where ever necessary, it could be through this portal that they met. Nonetheless, if this were to happen, Doctor Strange could definitely give Shang-Chi some “paternal” advice and if he were to ever need help like Spider-Man will in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, we can vouch that something twisted is bound to come off it. Or not. Maybe Doctor Strange will learn to make rational decisions after all.

#2 Spider-Man


With Peter’s spidey senses and Shang-Chi’s combat skills, not the forget the rings, of course, these two could also be the next best buds in MCU. We would imagine Peter Parker recreating a lost friendship with Harry (like the one from the first installment of Spider-Man) with Shang-Chi. But only this time, there won’t be any hateful revenge as there was in the early film.

#1 Iron Man

Iron Man

Shang-Chi and Iron Man go way back. Well, not exactly but fans of Marvel would know that Shang-Chi’s family and Iron Man have a history together. Shang-Chi’s father AKA Xu Wenwu/Mandarin was the first to discover the rings and also founded the ‘Ten Rings’ army. In the first installment of Iron Man, Tony Stark was captured by the Ten Rings members which was supposedly at the time, led by a man named Raza. Later in Iron Man 3, Tony Stark learned that the “Mandarin” was fake and hired to pose as a terrorist.

It wasn’t until ‘Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings’ that MCU pressed the reset button and gave fans the real Mandarin on screen. While Xu Wenwu was MCU’s antagonist, making Iron Man his famous foe, Shang-Chi is led to the other path. So, to see whether Shang-Chi and Iron man will butt heads or team up to fight evil will be an enthralling experience. If they do end up working together, imagine if Tony created a signature Stark-styled pair of nunchucks, dragon head, broadswords, or something absolutely brand new that Shang-Chi could use with the legendary rings. But since Iron Man is dead in MCU, their meeting would only be possible through Time Travel.