This Is Why Moon Knight Will Be Wild & Different To Other MCU Shows
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This Is Why Moon Knight Will Be Wild & Different To Other MCU Shows

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 11,2021

Would you believe it if we told you that the upcoming Moon Knight series will be wild? As seen in the new [email protected] video, Oscar Isaac gives fans a sneak peek into the upcoming Moon Knight series. The series is believed to be significantly different from the MCU shows aired on Disney+ so far.

The show centers around Marc Spector, a sinister vigilante in all-white is the central protagonist of Moon Knight. This character claims to be the chosen Fist of an Egyptian moon deity. Because of these claims, Spector’s personality disorder is likely to result in a character study that is contemplative and dynamic. Of which, something that has yet to be seen in the MCU. “Moon Knight will be wild” is not just a loose statement but one with promises of the show being unique. This is will be so when combined with Moon Knight’s savagery as he pursues justice and retribution.

Who are the cast members of Moon Knight?

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The upcoming MCU series is directed by multiple craft makers including Justin Benson, Mohamed Diab and Aaron Moorhead. Oscar Isaac has been casted as Marc Spector; the lead protagonist. Jeremy Slater has also written an episode and will act as producer for a few on the show. Along with Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke will be seen as one of the villains. As of yet, Hawke’s character has no name. There is speculation that Hawke will play villains such as the cursed Werewolf by Night or the pyrokinetic Sun King. Meanwhile, Gaspard Ulliel has been confirmed to be casted for the role of Anton Mogart aka Midnight Man. In 1981, Mogart made his first debut and was seen on Moon Knight #3. He came to be known as the villain- an art thief who struck at midnight.

Will the latest Moon Knight be any different?

Ethan Hawke is in the Moon Knight series

Ethan Hawke is in the Moon Knight series

A fresh new hero is being introduced in Moon Knight. The character proclaims to be far darker than anything else seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. He will also be the first Disney+ hero to have an extraordinarily distinct inner battle that no other hero has had thus far.  As a result of his own personal identity issues, Marc Spector works as a ruthless vigilante. He seldom shows pity or restraint and beats offenders within inches of their life. Furthermore, Moon Knight often finds himself at odds with Khonshu. This eventually results in a conflict between him and the god he serves.

If Moon Knight is going to be as complicated as he appears to be, it’s little wonder, given the fact that he’s dressed in white so the evil people can see him coming. Due to this, it will be fascinating to watch his face up with Ethan Hawke’s main villain in a genuinely horrific manner for the MCU. The genesis of Moon Knight confirms Isaac’s description of Moon Knight as being a “wild, wild show” in a video broadcast during Comic-Con. There is also a distinct difference in tone between this series and other Disney+ programs such as WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

It looks like Marvel’s forthcoming Moon Knight movie is going to be a lot of fun in general. Also, if the program follows the original material of the comics, it will be considerably different from what viewers have seen thus far on Disney+ which Marvel Studios certainly will. As a result of his distinct dynamics and complexity, Marc Spector is so much more than merely Marvel’s version of Batman. Because of this, fans may anticipate Moon Knight’s Comic-Con statements to be delivered on.

The Eternals possible connection with Moon Knight

The Eternals

The Eternals

It’s possible that Eternals may have a connection to Moon Knight. To begin, in the trailer of The Eternals shows we see Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) perusing through books in a room filled with historical relics at about 1:08. Even though a coat of armor suggested that this scenario was inspired by Kit Harrington’s Black Knight, it wasn’t the only thing that caught our attention. Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol, also appears on the right side of the screen.

Moon Knight’s origins are connected to Egypt’s history, which is fascinating. Khonshu, the Egyptian moon deity, gave him his abilities, his outfit, and his goal. It is noteworthy that the ankh has a special connection to Moon Knight in the comics. As an added bonus, the character has used a golden ankh in many stories. To make it more useful, it would illuminate while danger was around.

The Golden ankh and Silver Staff

Lauren-Ridloff as Makkari Eternals

As shown in the Eternals teaser, a statue of a person dressed in ancient Egyptian attire is holding the golden ankh. One of the statue’s hands holds a silver staff while the other hand wears a smaller ankh around the statue’s neck. One of Moon Knight’s most often used weapons happens to be a silver staff. In ancient Egyptian art, ankhs and staves aren’t exactly rare. However, there’s a good chance the link isn’t coincidental at all.

A Moon Knight Easter egg in the Eternals wouldn’t be that shocking because Marc Spector’s entrance in the MCU isn’t too far away. A study of the MCU’s past by Dane Whitman or someone else might have revealed the existence of the mysterious deity who will provide Moon Knight with his abilities.

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