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This Is Why Venom 2 Is Coming To Theatres Sooner Than Expected

By Mabel Judith Andrady
September 9,2021

Venom 2 is just around the corner. For a brief period of time, the box office looked bleak. It became more and more probable that audiences would see movies postponed once again. Disney even considered delaying ‘Eternals’ or giving it a hybrid release like ‘Black Widow’. ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ was rumored to be delayed until next year, but Sony Pictures immediately refuted those rumors.

Shang-Chi’s opening weekend estimates were low at first, and it didn’t seem good. However, Shang-Chi was able to defy all the odds and come out on top! Since the success of Shang-Chi has already begun to impact other studios, such as Sony, a daring move has been made. Rather than delaying ‘Venom 2’, Sony Pictures has chosen to release it two weeks early.

While it’s heartening that Sony deemed Shang-Chi a success, it’s also a bit puzzling that ‘Venom 2’ will be released earlier than expected. The first weekend of the first installment received a massive $80.2 million. From a $100 million budget, it ended up grossing $213.5 million domestically and $856 million globally. ‘Venom 2’ was hinted at in the mid-credits sequence that introduced Woody Harrelson’s character Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage.

Who are the cast members for ‘Venom 2’?



‘Venom 2’ is directed by Andy Serkis. Kelly Marcel, who co-wrote the film with Tom Hardy, returned to write the screenplay. after the success of ‘Venom’ in 2018, Hardy grew very passionate about the installment and his Eddie Brock character. Marcel has previously remarked about how involved Hardy was with the story.

“This is new for him, to get credit, but it’s not new for him to be this involved. He’s absolutely 100 percent committed to everything that he does,” Marcel expresses. “He’s married to Venom. He loves this character. He’s very involved in what he thinks should happen.” Furthermore, the writer also said; “We spent months breaking the story togetherĀ on FaceTime, riffing on ideas, seeing what worked, seeing what didn’t. Then I took everything we spoke about and holed up somewhere for three months quietly, knocking out a script.”

The film also stars Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady. His character is a serial murderer who becomes host to the extraterrestrial symbiote Carnage. Kasady is also Venom’s antagonist. Reid Scott and Stephen Graham also appear in the film. In addition to Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, and Hutch Parker, Marcel and Hardy also produced the film. In spite of the fact that some fans were expecting an R rating, it’s worth recalling that the original’s PG-13 rating was quite successful.

‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ will be a love story

Venom 2

Venom 2

Director Andy Serkis notes that Eddie and Venom’s connection has taken on the characteristics of an unconventional love story that will drive the storyline of the next picture.

“The film is a love story – but not the love story you might think. It’s very much about the extraordinary relationship between symbiote and host. Any love affair has its pitfalls, its high points, and low points; Venom and Eddie’s relationship absolutely causes problems and stress, and they have a near-hatred for each other. But they have to be with each other – they can’t live without each other. That’s companionship – love – the things that relationships are really about.”

While Venom and Eddie have been known to save the day on occasion, they are far from being heroic. As a result, Eddie tends to be self-centered. Meanwhile, Venom has no problem devouring people if Eddie doesn’t intervene. To coexist, Eddie and Venom are expected to learn how to deal with one other’s flaws.


“Obviously there is danger and mistrust in the beginning, but they’ve learned to live with each other. It’s become a complicated marriage. Their codependence forces them to stay together, even though they’ve had it with each other. They’re going to have to come to an understanding.”

Originally a Spider-Man villain, ‘Venom’ became famous enough to have his own comic book. This presented him as an anti-hero, replete with his own cast of adversaries. Despite the presence of so many comic book characters, fans are curious to know whether Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will make a cameo in the movie.

What is the release date for ‘Venom 2’?

The success of the first installment immediately allowed Marvel Studios to greenlight ‘Venom 2’. Not too long there were reports that Sony Pictures was putting back the release date to January 22, 2022. However, now it has been confirmed that ‘Venom 2’ will be released on 1st October instead of 15th October 2021.

If all goes well with ‘Venom 2’, and fans would hope that it does, a third installment will be due soon. The release dates for Spider-Man: No Way Home won’t be delayed because of this. Eternals won’t be either.

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