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This Moon Knight Theory Transforms Scarlet Witch’s Powers

By Akshay Sharma
April 5,2022

Based on this new theory it is highly likely that the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight i.e. the Eenead are linked with the Elder Gods. This in turn changes Scarlet Witch’s story ahead of the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The time difference between the last episode of Moon Knight and the Doctor Strange sequel is a mere 4 days.  Fans are wondering if this means that the two correlate seeing as the last time this happened they saw the Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) in Hawkeye right before seeing Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The only difference is that both Moon Knight and Doctor Strange have been careful to not reveal too much ahead of time. Thus, establishing links beforehand is a tricky process. Nonetheless, here is an interesting theory that could alter Scarlet Witch’s story before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Are the Ennead the Elder Gods?



The first episode of Moon Knight featured the Ennead, that is, the Egyptian “super gods.” Steven Grant can be seen flipping through several books which name all members of the pantheon. Aside from Khonshu and Ammit we have – Osiris, Horus, Tefnut, Shu, Atum, Hathor, and Isis. They are all trapped in the Othervoid and exercise their power through the consciousness of their Avatars. For example, Moon Knight is Khonshu’s avatar and Arthur Harrow is Ammit’s. It is uncertain at this point whether or not we’ll get to see the other gods or their avatars but the show clearly has a lot of room to explore.

Timing is Everything

While the Ennead is directly derived from the comics their backstory seemingly links them to a race of beings called the Elder Gods. Similar to them, the Elder Gods were banished to another dimension too. A comparison can be drawn between Khonshu and Atum both of whom are Elder Gods with the plot set by Moon Knight. Viewers have already been questioning whether or not they will get to see the Elder Gods in the Doctor Strange sequel so the timing is quite peculiar indeed. WandaVision itself established a link between Scarlet Witch, Darkhold, and Chaos Magic. The latter two originate from a different Elder God in the comics called Chthon. A dark looming figure can be seen in the promotional videos for Doctor Strange so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to question whether that might be Chthon himself.



Changes Brought About by Moon Knight to Scarlet Witch’s Story

If this theory is indeed correct, that the Egyptian gods are the Elder Gods simply known by other names, then this will have major ramifications for other MCU storylines. Chthon in Doctor Strange could work the same way Khonshu and Ammit do – by exercising his power through an Avatar. Since Scarlet Witch is the one who learns to wield the Chaos Magic and rewrite reality itself, she is the obvious choice. Alternatively, Chthon could have been supporting her from another dimension for self-serving purposes as the Ennead often do.

Similar to how Steven Grant and his alters function in Moon Knight, Wanda Maximoff, and Scarlet Witch might function in WandaVision. Although Steven Grant’s Dissociate Identity Disorder complicates this analogy, it can still be supported by shots of two versions of Wanda Maximoff standing beside each other in the trailer for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.

Steven Grant in Moon Knight

Steven Grant in Moon Knight

There are other subtle links between Moon Knight and WandaVision which can be taken into account to support this theory. For instance, the way Moon Knight can summon his costume could allude to the manipulation of reality and Harrow notably said that he had “chaos” in him. If this is all in fact true, the connections between Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and WandaVision run deeper than anyone could have anticipated.

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