This Reddit Theory For The Witcher Season 2 Could Bring Around A Major Plot Twist

The story arc for Princess Ciri throughout Season 1 Netflix’sx’s The Witcher has been quite adventurous but equally terrifying. Ever since the attack of Nilfgaard

By Soniya Hinduja
October 28,2021
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The story arc for Princess Ciri throughout Season 1 Netflix’sx’s The Witcher has been quite adventurous but equally terrifying. Ever since the attack of Nilfgaard on the kingdom of Cintra, the young princess has been on the run, and on her journey, she has been mistrustful of everyone except her destiny, Geralt of Rivia.

The season finale brings the two together and leaves the viewers with a cliffhanger. While many questions are raised regarding how the crown princeCiri’si’s story will move forward, there is a theory on social media that points towards the doppler making a reappearance in Season 2. If that happens, the viewers could expect a fascinating plot twist. 

In The Witcher Season 1 Episode 6, we see the doppler taking the form of Ciri. A doppler is a supernatural creature capable of impersonating people by catching on to their mannerisms and memories once they touch the person. In the episode, Cahir, The Black Knight, captures the doppler confusing them to be Princess Ciri. But the catch was that the doppler planned the kidnapping as they were mad at Cahir for not identifying Ciri in the first place. we’ve’vewe’s’ve seen the doppler impersonate Ciri once, and there are high chances to see that happen again in Season 2.

Freya Allan (Ciri)
Freya Allan as Ciri ‘n ‘TWitcher’er’

A Reddit user by the name of TheRickiestMorty poses a theory that suggests that the true intention behind the capture of Ciri was the doppler getting their payment in the form of her hair. The idea is supported by the fact that when the doppler is first seen on the show, they are seen in possession of a weird collection of body parts. Then, when the doppler is seen taking the form of Mousesack, a reliable druid of Cintra, they become becoCiri’si’s confidant and are seen touching the princess’s hair now and then. The real Mousesack would have never done something like that. This makes us question why doppler would do that.”

“Cahir promisCiri’si’s hair, which is a famous visual trait of her, as payment, so that the Doppler could use it in his body part collection “n,” says the user in their theory. 

As intriguing as the theory is, its incorporation in The Witcher Season 2 does seem tricky. I. season 1, the doppler fastened Ciri to a tree and was seen unbothered by the princess afterward. However, the doppler escaped from Cahir’s hold and could be out there and could have taken the form of literally anyone. This is why it makes sense that the doppler could reappear in Season 2, and impersonate Ciri. If not, the doppler could be seen taking on the form of someone closely associated with the princess to collect their payment in the form of her hair and add it to their prized possessions. 

Ciri And Witcher
Cirilla and Geralt crossing paths Netflix’sx’s ‘TWitcher’er’ season finale

There are fair chances that the doppler had no other intentions behind playing wiCiri’si’s hair than simply for future impressions. However, the theory about doppler wantiCiri’si’s hair as a keepsake still stands. The doppler is an evil creature and would do anything to get what is owed, so it is possible to see him return in season 2. 

This theory has made us question the season finale in that it could be the doppler who meets Geralt in the woods. Nothing in the storyline indicates doppler’s interest in the crown princess of Cintra so far, but The Witcher has never failed to amaze us with plot twists, so many instances could go differently. 

The Witcher Season 1 is available to watch on Netflix and Season 2 comes out on December 17, 2021.

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