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Thor 4 Is The Queerest Movie In The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
July 12,2022

How is Thor 4 the queerest movie in the MCU? Over the last several years, Marvel Studios has made significant strides toward achieving its more diverse and inclusive MCU goal. Black Panther, a film led by Black actors, has become a worldwide hit because of its ability to connect with and validate its viewers.

Similarly, Captain Marvel, released in 2019, was Marvel’s first standalone film with a female star and the first to gross over a billion dollars worldwide. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been enough representation for the LGBTQ+ community in the MCU.

Although the company has made some progress thanks to characters like Phastos and America Chavez, much more has to be done. Fans may find renewed optimism in Thor 4.

Thor 4 Is “So Gay”

Director Taika Waititi Responds To Natalie Portman As The Next Thor

Director Taika Waititi Responds To Natalie Portman As The Next Thor

At the London sneak peek screening of Thor: Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman was posed with a question, “how gay is the movie?”. This prompted a “so gay” from Portman.

You wouldn’t be astonished if I told you that Thor: Love and Thunder wasn’t a gay movie. It was gayer than in past Marvel movies, but not the type of gay implied by Portman’s response.

Despite the industry’s repeated claims of commitment to diversity and inclusion, on-screen portrayals of LGBTQ people have been brief and, most notably, conveniently unimportant to the plot, making them easy to cut from a film before it is released in a country where such representation is not welcome. However, Thor 4 has the potential to be unique.

The film stars the pansexual deity Zeus, the canonically homosexual rock star Korg, the bisexual Valkyrie verified by Thompson herself, and the filmmaker Taika Waititi, who is not afraid of nuanced character development.

Korg and Valkyrie Have So Much More To Narrate

Valkyrie as King Valkyrie

Valkyrie as King Valkyrie

When Korg and Valkyrie talk about their romantic lives and tragedies, Korg correctly analyzes Valkyrie’s liaisons and demeanor as a method of sheltering her heart and preventing herself from needing to go through the lost love again, whether it be platonic, romantic, or family.

Her character is being explored this way, which helps normalize the experiences of persons who have been on the periphery of stories for too long. They are not simply pigeonholed into the identity-politics-based demographic box they were born into; instead, they are provided additional layers to interpret.

I agree wholeheartedly and find the film’s treatment of Valkyrie’s sexuality pleasantly welcome, especially in light of our preconceived notions. It’s also the best chance we have for an accurate portrayal of the MCU at the moment.

At the start of the film, we learn that Kronans, Korg’s species, reproduce by having 2 males of the species clasp hands inside a lava hole for forty days. Having defeated Gorr and saved the universe, Korg, Thor, Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie return to their respective loves.

Korg In Love With Dwayne


In a moment with Valkyrie, Korg explains how the rock ‘handshake’ is used to create Kronan babies, and then he goes on to explain that he has two dads. Secondly, near the film’s conclusion, we see Korg and his partner, Dwayne.

Fans have pointed out that although both moments strongly hint that Korg is homosexual, another detail implies the opposite. It’s fantastic that Valkyrie and the all-male Kronan are regarded as non-issues and simply part of these individuals’ personalities.

Still, this brief exchange also makes them seem unimportant to the tale. In a film about love, it’s only fair that the protagonists get to pursue their own romantic goals. 

What About Thor and Star-Lord?

First look at Chriss Pratt as Star Lord/Peter Quill in the teaser

First look at Chriss Pratt as Star Lord/Peter Quill in the teaser

Even more implausibly, I would like to question Thor’s sexuality. Thor and Star-lord wave farewell and Thor attempts to give Star-lord a wistful gaze despite Korg’s following list of Thor’s lovers, all women. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Thor, like his brother Loki, be somewhere on the spectrum?

Consequently, imagine if one of the founding Avengers, who began with enormous jock energy, got to utilize his heart to its utmost and actually “love indiscriminately”? If given the ability to fully express himself, Thor could potentially revolutionize the MCU’s portrayal of masculinity and sexuality.

There’s also optimism for a future when movies with Marvel’s cultural clout may openly center LGBTQ+ characters in a manner that seems comfortable and spontaneous but also so vital to the plot that whitewashing the queerness out is impossible. Until then, Thor 4 is the queerest movie and will be until Marvel makes way for more LGBTQ+ content in the near future.

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