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Thor 4 Trailer: Did The Latest Footage Just Spoil The Movie’s Ending?

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 26,2022

New footage from Thor: Love and Thunder’s trailer has given fans their first look at the God of Thunder embarking on a journey of self-discovery in the latest Marvel Studios film. Though the teaser was brief, not even Gorr the God Butcher was shown in the first glimpse, the first footage that fans got to see could reveal the film’s ending.

At one point in Thor 4’s trailer, Thor can be heard saying that his hands were “once used for battle” but are now “humble tools for peace” as he places Stormbreaker upright in the dirt. This is perplexing because Thor will almost certainly spend the majority of his fourth solo MCU film doing exactly what he has vowed not to do: fighting bad guys.

Stormbreaker has been prominently featured in the marketing for Thor 4 as the Asgardian’s go-to sidekick, doing everything from fending off Gorr’s alleged Black Berserkers to flying around in sleek new armor. In combat, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Natalie Portman’s Mjolnir-wielding Jane Foster are very different.

So it’s safe to assume that he’ll keep Stormbreaker nearby until Gorr the God Butcher is dealt with in the Love and Thunder movie. As well as this, Thor 4’s trailer confirms that Stormbreaker will be used by Thor’s new “Goat Boat” to access the Bifrost.

Thor: Love and Thunder’s Stormbreaker appears to be used for a variety of purposes, so the shot of the Asgardian planting his ax in the ground could be from a later scene. Thor’s regular MCU appearances may be coming to an end as he puts down his weapon for good in this final solo film.

What Role Does Stormbreaker Play in the Future of Asgard?

Thor is using Stormbreaker as the energy to motion the ship in space


A new home for Asgard could be the reason why Thor claims his superhero days are over, by planting Stormbreaker in the ground. Aside from the obvious message to the audience that Thor will no longer be decapitating Mad Titans, it’s possible that burying his magical ax in the ground will open up the Bifrost to those who live in that region.

The Bifrost can be seen attached to Thor’s boat in the trailer, allowing the boat to be teleported. Who knows, maybe by placing Stormbreaker in the new land that Thor has created, he can bring back Asgard’s access to the Bifrost in its entirety.

Whether or not the wood from Groot survives long enough to be planted is unknown, but the Guardians were able to create an entirely new Groot from just a single twig in their first film, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that Stormbreaker’s influence on Groot will have greater significance after Thor has finished using it in battle.

If Asgard doesn’t leave Earth soon, then this is mostly based on that assumption. For some reason, Valkyrie seemed unhappy with the tourist attraction that New Asgard has become on Earth, and Thor 4’s new trailer also showed a village being set ablaze that looked a lot like the Asgardians’ new residence.

Planting The Stormbreaker 

The Stormbreaker is planted straught up hinting the end to his hero days


Even with New Asgard’s “political turmoil,” it’s not out of the question that Asgard’s time on Earth will come to an end during Love and Thunder, especially if Gorr reduces Asgard’s population even further.

Thor’s quest for peace may include the planting of Stormbreaker, an Asgardian sapling, to serve as the foundation for a new Asgard dedicated to peace.

As a result, Jane Foster’s presence in Love and Thunder will have a greater impact if she replaces Thor as an Avengers member as he prepares to retire to a more remote Asgard region. Additionally, Asgard may have issues with displacement, and even though Jane Foster will remain on Earth, Asgard may return to being a separate entity from Earth while maintaining the same ties to it as the earlier MCU films.

Similar to how the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War had viewers not realizing they were watching the final moments of the film, viewers of Thor: Love and Thunder may have seen a glimpse of how the summer blockbuster will conclude in its first batch of footage.

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